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10 thoughts that will help get rid of jealousy

All the jealousy inside third-degree burns. But you are so nice to say about your feelings does not work, because life is not a concert, and the scene is not appropriate. Jealousy is a destructive feeling that needs to take control. Here are ten thoughts that will help you do that.

1. Attraction to other people is normal

Attraction to other people is normal

Jealousy often provokes the belief that our partners should only engage with us. All other women will automatically become for him unsympathetic and even disgust. This is an absurd expectation, which none of us can match. Not to deny that you like beautiful girl normally, and this does not detract from your relationship.

2. Men and women can really be friends

And never sleep with each other. Not always a good relationship between a man and a woman mean that there’s sexual tension or they once tried to build a relationship. If you confuse a concrete manifestation of this friendship, discuss it with a partner, but you should not try to isolate him from women’s society.

3. Behavior in social networks does not always mean somethingBehavior in social networks does not always mean something

If he got a like on a photo of a beautiful girl, it means he likes her? Her census entry or status, he believes that she’s smarter than you? In 90% of cases, it just means that you’re wasting your time and energy on useless pursuits. But here again, all depends on the nature of its activity. In any case, it is important to keep in mind the idea that like is not always a hidden meaning.

4. Porn does not matter much

If he looks at porn, but not involved in it – you have nothing to worry about. It is only a fantasy, and a good man understands that you can’t carry it in real life. Inadequate guy, you always recognize a strange behavior in bed and a maniacal gleam in his eyes.

If you find it hard to share with a partner’s on-screen diva, try to watch porn together. Talk about your desires, even the craziest. This will help you better understand your man.

5. To have Fun away from each other – this is normal

Have fun far from each other

Will have to get used to the fact that he understood the meaning of the word “joy” is not in the moment when you came into his life. There is nothing wrong with that guy’s having a good time away from you, the main thing that it was not only a fun time in his existence.

If you’re without a guy feeling low and can’t enjoy life – is a direct path to codependency in relationships.

6. Surveillance only leads to painful feelings

When a partner leaves a phone or laptop unattended, don’t want to see his messages. Do not let such thought. Not only is this a huge invasion of privacy, but it is likely that you will find something you will not be happy. Even if it is not a serious betrayal, and the complaint is your best friend, you don’t want to.

Anyone who suffers spyware tendencies knows that even if you don’t find anything, keep looking until you find signs of infidelity. This behavior is bad for your mental health and your relationship.

7. Jealousy is a sign of deep insecurity

Jealousy - a sign of deep uncertainty

First of all, look for the cause in himself and not in the behavior of the partner. Why do you think he needs someone else? Why the doubt in your relationship? Concentrate on your feelings and not on the accusations against him. If you call jealousy your character trait, you need to work on self-esteem.

8. If he wants to cheat, you’ll do it anyway

In the case of jealousy, it is better to be a fatalist. Preventive measures don’t work here: he’s a grown man and understands how to deceive you if you need it. Jealous behavior only spoils your relationship but does not help to guard against treachery.

9. To Talk about jealousy — it’s normal

Talking about jealousy is normal

To be jealous is bad, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide your feelings. It is important to share their thoughts and concerns, especially if the behavior of the guy negatively affecting your self-esteem. Share – it does not mean to slander him and make a scene for any reason. Tell me about yourself and your emotions.

10. Jealousy anyone may experience, but ultimately it’s worthless

Important not why you’re jealous, but how you react to it. You feed off negative emotions and looking for more reasons to worry or try to be rational, to find the root of the problem and solve it? Learn to control the jealousy and don’t go on about her.

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