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10 tips for solo sex for female


Sex: It is easy I can imagine that someone clicked on an article with inner indignation, “Yes how can you not know how to masturbate”? The fact that many other adult females did not learn any techniques that would really be liked. It’s completely normal not to have an idea about what you prefer as long as you do not try. Men a little easier — “I touch the penis, and I like it.”Girls should spend a little time proving yourself before they master a few favourite techniques, and sometimes even worth listening to the advice of sex coaches and sellers in a sex shop.

Solo Sex

1. Don’t get distracted

Kate McCombs is a popular coach and his coach says the most common problem of girls is the need to hurry. If you have five minutes, most likely it will not masturbate, and another stress. Turn off notifications on your phone, choose soft music and no rush.

2. Use grease

You enough small drops on the index and middle fingers, which you’ll be massaging your Clit and inner labia. Of course, in the beginning, you might have enough vaginal lubrication, but additional support will make the process much more comfortable.

Use grease

3. Try the pillow

Blogger and Director of the film “The Science of sex for a lady” Trisha Borowitz notes that it’s the easiest way, which often tries a lot of girls on their own. Stay in underwear-less clutter then more friction to the clitoris. Find something soft — a pillow or a stack of neatly folded bed linen. Lie down on top of her, slowly moving his hips. Adjust the pressure, their position and the shape of the object until you feel that it is quite comfortable. Keep the rhythm, take deep breaths and catch orgasm.

4. Try to delay orgasm

Don’t chase the orgasm, caress every part of her body long before going to take my hand down between my thighs. As soon as you finally go to my Clit — slow down. Use soft and gentle movements, alternating with hard and fast. Bring yourself to the edge and then slow down again. Go through this cycle a few times and just catch the wave of pleasure as much as you can.

Try a delay orgasm

5. Use both hands

While one hand is busy with your Clit, finger yourself another. Touching certain parts of the body can make your orgasm much more intense. For someone important point could be the nipples, for some people, the stomach. May sound stupid, but sex coaches recommend lightly rubbed your stomach as if you’re hungry, — slight pressure on the stomach, surprisingly, leads to a great orgasm. Take creativity to the site — for example, lie on the bottom of the tub and use a soft stream of water to reach all parts of your body.

6. Don’t start with the clitoris

Also, McCombs recommends starting with a playful touch, for example, first walk your fingers across the lips of the vagina and the sides of the Clit down to the entrance. It is necessary that the blood rushing to those points to help to increase arousal and pleasure. In addition, you will quickly learn what you like, and next time mindfully going to start with the nicest things.

Do not start with the clitoris

7. Don’t start with a vibrator

Though sex toys and guarantee more fun to start with the hand will be much better. In addition, it is comparable to the sensations that normally cause the hands of a partner, so it will help you to discover that you should report to the partner about how you feel.

8. Use visual reinforcement

As they say sex coaches, the biggest sexual organ is between the ears. Get an erotic book or flipping candid photos, what would you do, it should feed the inner fire.

9. Try penetration

Most women don’t use penetration when masturbating, paying attention only to the external erogenous zones, but try to slowly introduce your fingers inside while continuing to caress the clitoris. Just watch his reaction, and remember what you like when stimulated.

Try penetration

10. You don’t have to just lie on the back

Try to raise legs as high as possible, up to put his knees on their own shoulders. This will strain the abdomen and increase the pressure and accelerate the surging of blood to the genitals. Yes, this position to achieve a little more difficult, but the effect will be incredible.

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