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5 most creepy creatures found


1. The corpse of an alien at a ceremony in Thailand


In 2010, a series of photos appeared in social networks, made in 2007 at the funeral ceremony of a strange creature, similar to an alien in Thailand. He had a large round head, grey skin, covered with white powder, resembling a satyr with tiny hoofs and tail. Some argue that the ceremony was held to get rid of the evil force associated with the creature, while others considered that the inhabitants worshipped the creature as a deity.

2. Louisiana monster

Louisiana monster

In December 2010, an unknown camera, set to hunt deer, captured something frightening. The picture shows a thin, awkward, fast-moving and, apparently, night creature that seemed to want to swallow your soul.

3. A humanoid from Chile

A humanoid from Chile

In October 2002, while on a trip with his family to Chile, Julio Carreno found in the bushes a tiny humanoid with a length of 7.2 cm. The creature had a large anthropoid head and nails and opened its eyes, and 8 days after detection has died. When he was alive, he had pink skin, which darkened, and his body remained warm, before it itself quickly mummified.

4. “Alien” from Chelyabinsk

"Alien" from Chelyabinsk

This creature was found in an abandoned foundation pit in Chelyabinsk in Russia. He had a hard shell, several legs and a tail, one above the other. Some have suggested that this monster is a huge shield, a horseshoe, or trilobite, which has died out before dinosaurs.

5. Montauk Monster

Montauk Monster

The story began when an unknown creature threw itself on the beach in the Montauk area in New York in 2008. Local youth photographed the carcass and sold pictures to newspapers. Since the Montauk monster was discovered, other carcasses have been found in the same area. There were suggestions that it was a tortoise without the shell, a dog, a large rodent, or a scientific experiment that was conducted at the government animal testing center.

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