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5 qualities you look for in men — and absolutely nothing


Logica dictates that if you know exactly what you want from a man, to find someone who really fits you, it will be easier. But when you meet a guy with a full set of desirable qualities, things can go wrong. What seemed attractive in my dreams, in real life, off-putting and disappointing. Here are a few imaginary virtues, which many of us are looking for in a partner.

1. To jealous


When a guy exhibits traits of the owner – that’s flattering. But the girl’s mistake jealousy for the manifestation of love, rather, it suggests that the person is not sure.

Women often think that jealousy is a sign of love, says psychotherapist Kimberly Hershenson. — If your partner doesn’t want you communicating with other people, and constantly asks where you are or who you are, this is not a sign of love and red flag that this relationship is going in the wrong direction.

It is important to pay attention to how he copes with jealousy. If it ends with the interrogation, accusations of lying and total control — until the man of my dreams; Hello, toxic relationship.

2. To dominated

I want to burst into your life and solved all the problems. That one his determined gaze had lost the desire to argue. To always know what he wants for dinner, and from life in General.

Attractive hard brutality and dominance in the relationship often do not look as romantic as in your dreams. He now decides how you dress, whom to be friends and to go to a bar with friends, have time off during the week.

Nice to have a guy who may take the initiative. But if you don’t want to be in a relationship just background, pay attention to respect your partner ‘s independence.

3. To have a big dick

big dick

Many of us are taught to believe that penis size is directly proportional to the quality of sexual life. But for a long-term relationship, it is important to consider how your body will change over time.

Women think they want a man with a huge penis — but only as long as they will not have the episiotomy during childbirth, then a huge penis would be painful for a very long time, and sometimes always. It is better to look for a man with a healthy interest in obtaining sexual pleasure and desire to deliver it to the woman than to focus on the size of what he’s got in his pants.

This understanding does not come immediately, but a long-term relationship must be the priority of your sexual compatibility and not specific physique.

4. To be independent

Male helplessness irritating. It is nice to know the guy, you can safely leave one, and he will be able to cope with my life.

Independence — a socially attractive quality and women often look for men who show that they are able to take care of themselves, says psychotherapist Shadin Francis. Unfortunately, independence is not always conducive to partnership: it is hard to negotiate or compromise with those who have their plans always come first. Women eventually feel detached from your personal life partner and the decision-making process.

For a long-term relationship, it is wiser to look for in a guy such qualities as the ability to cooperate and openness.

5. To be romantic


Women often want more romance in a relationship, but few can adequately describe what it means. Flowers every week? Gifts not only on holidays? Regular dinners at restaurants? Rose petals on the sheets?

Sociologist Chantal Denis believes that when a woman says that she lacks romance in a relationship, in fact, it needs to strengthen emotional communication with a partner. She wants to feel special, to know, listen to her and notice her. It’s not about the gifts, but about the closeness and the presence of the guy in the relationship. Without this, all the flowers and candy lose their meaning.

We can’t help but fantasize that somewhere there is the perfect man: handsome, financially stable, sensual and without any annoying habits. The truth is that even if such a person existed – you wouldn’t want to spend my life with him.

What do you think?

Hannah Veteran

Written by Hannah

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