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5 sex trends you shouldn’t try

sex trends

There are more and more sex shops and spicy toys, so it is not surprising that among such a variety there are their own trends. Of course, very soon they will come up with new fun for pleasure. But you still have time to experience those that are very relevant now …

These are the 5 sex trends you shouldn’t try.

Artificial intelligence toys

This year can be called a real hot revolution because toys for adults began to “read” the subtleties of human pleasure and adapt to their owner. Heartbeat, breathing, reactions … A smart device will fix everything to give you even more pleasant sensations.

The mysterious art of “Karezza”

Intimacy is increasingly associated with something elusive and high because it is not only a way to get an orgasm. First of all, you should focus on your own vibrations – this is the only way you can reach the peak of pleasure. This is what the art of “Karezza” teaches – to communicate gently, take your time, and stop worrying about the upcoming finale.

Realistic mannequins

We should forget about primitive inflatable women with open lips. The sex industry keeps up with the times, and therefore creates very realistic dolls for your bliss.

By the way, there is a growing trend in the world for artificial sexual partners, so they are ideal for imitation of sexual intercourse. Moreover, they will skillfully color the monotonous nights.

Male happiness

Previously, toys for self-gratification about the dangers of masturbation were associated mainly with women. However, today such a trend has also affected the male half of humanity – in order to make it even more pleasant for them, many interesting devices have appeared.

For example, prostate massagers or modern masturbators with different modes that will make every man a master of his pleasure.

Less imitations, more fun

Couples have become more candid. They talk about what they like about sex and, conversely, does not bring the desired result. Now the priority is trust, “chemistry” and an unforgettable experience.

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