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5 signs that your partner is selfish on bed


In perfect sex from romantic Comedy partner for a long time enjoying each other, and then fall exhausted into bed after our simultaneous orgasm. In life, when the guy has already received his portion of pleasure for girls sex has not even started. Or the length is all right, but the man is so clueless that the woman is easier to fake an orgasm, that “it” will soon be over.

Maybe your every sex ends for your dissatisfaction and disappointment because of the inexperience of a partner? Then tie to sleep with schoolchildren, such charity will not add benefits to karma.

If the guy is okay with experience, but he doesn’t react to your transparent hints, maybe the problem is male egoism? You can always determine for yourself whether the partner makes efforts in bed. Here are a few signs that tell you that the guy is an egoist in sex.

1. He neglects the prelude

He neglects the prelude

This is where many girls recognize their men. A female body is rather an electric stove with a long warming up, which can be turned on and go to the grocery store, than a microwave. About this, it seems, every virgin knows already. But for some reason, guys continue to devote so little attention and time to foreplay. This is especially true of long-term relationships.

Before blaming your partner for selfishness, talk to him. If he already complained that he needed more foreplay, and he reacted positively, but nothing has changed, the guy is either not very quick-witted and squeezed, or selfish.

Ask why he ignores your requests. If a man admits his own complexes or incompetence, then he is ready to solve your problem. When he says: “Everything is fine, I am for it,” but it does nothing – this is obvious egoism.

2. Your pleasure is not a priority

According to sex instructor Irene Feh, another red flag is when a partner uses a woman’s orgasm as a trophy for his self-affirmation. He urges your orgasm because the very fact that the girl is satisfied makes him think better of his abilities. And this is regardless of whether everything was good enough and timely for you.

Such a guy may be offended if you end up having sex with a vibrator or just help yourself because he did not participate in an orgasm. Such egoism is not very conducive to your pleasure, because the partner focuses only on their own ambitions. Try to explain to the guy that the very fact that the girl is able to experience an orgasm with him does not make him a male.

3. Looks for excuses not to reciprocate

Looks for excuses not to reciprocate

One of the clearest signs that your partner thinks only about himself – he gets caresses but does not reciprocate them. He is waiting for his request for oral sex to be received with enthusiasm, and when it is time for a retaliatory move, he looks for reasons to complete the process faster.

It is not by chance that two people participate in sex, and reciprocity is no less important here than in relationships. If the guy is not interested in that it was pleasant to you, it is worth thinking of expediency of your novel.

4. Do not like to talk about sex

Sometimes selfishness is easily confused with shyness. If he dodges candid topics, you write it off as an embarrassment. But on the bed, he is not too ceremonious with your desires, when after a couple of kisses he puts your hand on his penis. What prevents you from asking what you want, or to react correctly to your verbal signals? Shyness? I do not think.

5. Negatively perceives your refusal to have sex

Negatively perceives your refusal to have sex

If he wants sex, then your fatigue, bad mood or illness are not an obstacle. A guy may try to cause a feeling of gratitude: give gifts, give compliments and persistently ignore your condition. In this case, it is not about love, but about getting sex for a good attitude. You should not be led to this barter against your will.

Another attempt to achieve sex – to cause guilt. Insulted, hint at your inferiority, even threaten with treason. All this is very dirty selfish methods that say a lot about a partner.

You always have the right to admit that you want to take a break from sex, and not feel guilty at the same time. By his reaction, you will definitely understand, an egoist is near or a loving man.

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