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5 steps to multi-orgasm


Stories of extra sensitive women reaching orgasm from the mere thought of sex are hot topics on men’s websites. The enthusiasm of men is, in principle, clear: you don’t really need to do anything, touch it with a dry branch – and she has already reached ecstasy. Is it really possible? What are the limits of female sensitivity?

The talent to enjoy life and sex, according to Anna Walesa, candidate of philosophical sciences, head of the Kiev Center for the Development of Men and Women “Epoch”, is programmed during pregnancy. The ability of a person to enjoy life and get an orgasm as well depends on how the nine months of waiting have passed.

If the mother smoked and the child did not have enough oxygen, if she took medication, suffered and freaked out, wanted to get rid of it, the newborn may have problems in the future with pleasure. But then the child was born, and the mother hugged him to her: contact with the mother’s body is the beginning of the development of sensitivity. If in childhood they embraced, caressed, and kissed a lot – a nine-point orgasm from a myth turns into reality.

Masturbation during adolescence (and later) is definitely a good practice. It allows you to know your body and then tell your partner about your capabilities. It is important how the girl felt at puberty – the age when a type of sexual behavior is formed under the gaze of the opposite sex and in conversations with girlfriends. What matters, according to Anna Walesa, is the imprinting moment of losing virginity. The way it was – good or bad, can affect the attitude towards sex in general and towards one’s own sensitivity in particular.

A girl’s sexuality and sensitivity, contrary to the stereotype, depends not so much on her contact with her father as on her connection with her mother. It is the violation of early relationships with her mother (lack of sincerity, softness, warmth) that does not allow the girl to identify with her, provokes a denial of femininity, sensuality, and sensitivity in herself. Although completely without a man in childhood, it is also not comme il faut. It would be nice if a clumsy teenage girl, turning into a girl, saw and felt support and admiration in men’s eyes. Not necessarily paternal – it can be an uncle, grandfather, stepfather.

The more often we have sex, the more sex we want. But getting new sensations is becoming more and more problematic. The lack of bright colors in bed is partly due to the satiety of this topic in general. In the 19th century, it was enough to touch the sleeves for an electric charge to run between people. Later, the distance between man and woman became shorter and shorter. And now, in order to experience some new feelings, you need something unprecedented – sex on an airplane or in a free parachute jump. The more temptations, the more we need stimulation.

Look for extroverts

The sensitivity of a woman, according to sexologists, is inherent in genetics and is inherited. If mom and grandmother did not suffer from a lack of sexual appetite, then the temperament in this family along the female line will be all right. In addition to heredity, sensitivity in sex depends on the training of the muscles of the perineum, masturbation experience, sexual education, and imagination. And also from the ease with which a woman communicates. Extroverts experience orgasms more often and more enchanting than introverted introverts.

5 steps to multi-orgasm

Five minutes of erotic fantasies. In a woman’s body, the uterus and the brain are in resonance. Sexual fantasies change the way people think and enrich relationships.

Feathers, velvet, tassels, erotic lingerie … and other assortments of sex shops that develop tactile sensations will definitely come in handy for increasing sensitivity.

An erotic tale for two. It’s a good idea to co-write a porn novel with a partner. Describe in it all the experiments that he secretly dreams of, but to admit it is somehow awkward. It’s much easier on paper.

A new environment for sex. Why not in the middle of the week with a partner somewhere in the sauna, taking with you aromatic teas and massage oils? You will, of course, have to allocate time, effort, money for this, but the multi-orgasm is worth it.

We sign up for oriental dances, Argentine tango, or hot salsa – sensual dances, especially when paired with a partner, increase the sensitivity of every cell of the body.

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Hunting for an orgasm: how to learn to reach the peak of pleasure in bed