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5 stereotypes, because of which you can not experience an orgasm


The fact is that we have men serious difference in the salary, and the orgasm they get easier. According to us national surveys of sexual health and behaviour, 91% of men and 64% of women had an orgasm the last time they had sexual intercourse.

According to the theory of philosophy and psychologist, the reason lies not only in body but also in the stereotypes accepted in society. Decades of research has shown that women need the stimulation of the clitoris and even vaginal orgasm also depends on it. However, the myths that you can easily get such an orgasm, quite relaxed, still widely prevalent in society, and there are several reasons.

1. In culture depict women receiving orgasm through penetration


If you analyze popular movies with erotic scenes or even porn, it’s easy to see that the main characters get an orgasm after a few aggressive strokes with the penetration, but other techniques are ignored. It seems that the only thing that matters is how you move — find the right position and the right lover and catch a wave.

In fact, for most girls no matter in what position they are in, with whom to have sex and what the size of the penis from the partner. In the vagina are not many nerve endings, unlike the clitoris, and the image of female orgasm in media just increases the insecurity of women who can’t cum from penetration.

2. The proportion of women who get an orgasm from penetration is too high

orgasm from penetration

There is a frequently quoted statistic that only one in four women gets an orgasm from penetration. But according to the psychologist, these statistics do not take into account that in reality the Respondent also received the stimulation of the clitoris. If we subtract such cases, the real vaginal orgasms will be just 15%!

psychologist held a series of polls to test my theory. Only 4% of the subjects said about orgasm from penetration, 43% mentioned stimulation during penetration, 34% believe the best way of only the stimulation of the clitoris, and 17% of participants said that did not receive an orgasm with a partner.

But even these statistics may be inflated, according to sexologist and doctor of philosophy Nicole Prause. People involved in such studies, usually sexually open, and therefore a little more prone to having an orgasm thanks to their emancipation.

3. Female genitalia is only a vagina.

Female genitalia is only a vagina

In the period of puberty and in the process of studying anatomy, we come to the conclusion that female and male genitalia differs only in name. At the same time, a man has a penis and testicles, women have a vagina, without a lot of details and differences.

This is similar to telling a child that the nose is for eating and breathing. After all, the nose and mouth are both on the face, so what’s the difference? For some reason, we call all the female genitalia in one word and do not even notice the absurdity of what is happening.

– Lori Mintz

Such a definition is not just absurd, but also patriarchal. Historically, the word “vagina” meant “sheath for the sword.” So it can be said that female anatomy is still defined as something that exists only for men. And since the clitoris does not affect male pleasure in any way, it is not taken into account at all when determining the genitals.

4. Sex is penetration

Sex is Penetration

In the course of puberty, we develop the word “sex”. And sex is defined as penetration of the penis into the vagina. Any other equipment considered “not real” or are merely preludes to real sex. Mintz argues that this is due to the fact that the key point in sex for a long time considered it the male orgasm because only it leads to reproduction.

5. Men’s pleasure is more valuable

Men's pleasure is more valuable

Society still values men’s sexual pleasure more than women’s. In 2016, the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality published a report according to which 63% of men and 44% of women received oral sex during their last sexual intercourse. In another study, the Journal of Sex Research found that teenagers consider oral sex more important than penetrating, but only if the affection has a woman. Obviously, the lack of attention to the Clit is not only a misunderstanding of the anatomy, it’s just that men still feeling that this is not so important.

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