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5 tips for good sex for one night


women half as likely to reach orgasm with an unfamiliar man than with a long-term partner — these conclusions voiced in publications of the International Academy for sex research. This is not a reason to refuse sex for one night if you caught the inspiration. To enjoy casual relationships more difficult, but can you do something to make it was guaranteed to be a pleasant experience.

According to sexologist Carol Queen, good fleeting sexual relationship possible if one of the partners will feel safe.

There are several things that “security” may actually mean, says Quinn. To be physically safe from someone who can harm you, have a safer sex and be able to make and communicate decisions about your limits and boundaries.

Here are some tips that will help you to decide on casual sex and enjoy it.

1. Make it sober

Make it sober

Or at least not drunk. Alcohol will help you both relax and it is easier to make contact but will dull the sensations during sex and postpone the orgasm. In addition, you will be difficult to adequately assess the situation and to understand in time that you’re making a mistake. In addition, the degree in your blood is a +70% to the appeal of any men met, and then the next morning you can spoil your hangover disagreeable surprise.

2. Be sure that someone close knows where you are

Someone not so close, as a mom, and not so far to not reply to SMS asking for help. I make it a rule to throw a reliable friend’s address if you spend the night in an unfamiliar place. Well, if you get in the habit of calling the morning after such nights, to make sure that everything is in order.

3. Talk about protection before you start

Talk about protection before you start

To think: “This guy looks decent, it is unlikely he had syphilis” — is not the safest method of protection. The fact that you have no dick, doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep condoms in her purse.

To say that insisting on safe sex is better before you get undressed, but after it becomes clear that you plan to have sex, not just dance.

If talking about prevention guy jokes or says that he is uncomfortable – it is obvious that with other partners, he does not use condoms, and therefore we can’t trust him.

4. Do Not be silent about their preferences

Sex for one night is perfect to practice the skills of Frank sexual intercourse. Because you do not know each other, you need to talk openly about what you want.

Some people are quite non-verbal signals – a happy sigh or perturbed groan, others need to literally articulate what to do to please you.

Most importantly, if he does not respect your boundaries – get out of there. Carol Quinn advises looking for signs that a partner does not take your requests or comments seriously and not to encourage such behaviour.

5. Listen to your intuition

Listen to your intuition

The fact that a person appeals to you in appearance, doesn’t mean you will have incredible sex. A good partner for one night – this is the one with whom you feel comfortable.

Pay attention to how he behaves with you. If you say you don’t want to drink, and he insists on another portion of alcohol is a red flag that says that the guy devalues your preferences.

When it goes into an active attack, check yourself to see how you like it. If your body says “Yes”, then go ahead, but if I wanted to slow down, listen to yourself.

Don’t forget that even if you were flirting all night and made it clear that it is not against intimacy, you might change your mind. Don’t ever let a guy make you feel guilty or obligated to him.

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