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6 evidence that older men are the best lovers

After 20 years suddenly notice that men 30-40 years no longer be perceived as “uncle Sergei” or “Sergey” and can be quite an attraction. Such confidence, power, and charm, as in adults, is rarely seen in boys his age. But the thought of being with him, it seems frighteningly strange.

One of the main advantages of communication with peers that you have a lot of shared social and cultural reference points and a similar view of the world. When a man older than you ten years to find common ground more difficult, but it can be a very rewarding experience for both of you. Regardless of whether you’re only interested in flirting, Dating or relationship with this person, there are several good reasons to have sex with him.

1. He is confident

He is confident

An adult is comfortable in his skin. He went through all the awkward, insecure phase of growing up and sexually adapted to his body and his personality. He doesn’t need to impress you and be someone he is not. He knows what he has to offer and not trying desperately to please someone. Such a person is naturally attracted by its tranquility and confidence. Among young people rarely meet those who already know and accept yourself.

2. He has experience

The young guy can be the energy, courage and curiosity to bring in the bedroom any scenario. Although sometimes excessive restlessness in bed could mean that he has unrealistic expectations and a basic understanding of the sex he got from porn.

The adult male left the stages of the experiments behind us, and it’s not bad, because now he knows what works and what doesn’t, and is able to guarantee to deliver a woman pleasure. Here it is not even in the number of mates, he just had years to perfect their sexual skills. The pleasure of the woman is very individual, but I agree, the driver who knows the way, always confident of who moves on the Navigator.

3. Romance is important to him

Romance is important to him

To put like under each photo, write funny comments and send funny pictures with meaningful songs in messages in social networks, of course, very cute. But I would prefer to have a romantic man in real life, and with an adult, it is much more likely. It is not that his old Nokia, no Internet or you are not logged-in Classmates. It’s usually just a grown man knows how important is the personal contact, and in General pays less attention to the social network.

4. He does not want to play games

Rare to find an older man who is interested intrigue. If he’s not interested in commitments, I will say in advance and explicitly indicate that he wants to sleep with you. If he’s looking for more, already knows what he wants and tell you about it. It gives her a sense of security and peace of mind. His directness may seem rude, but from someone not expecting a mixed signal and catch. Besides, he probably knows exactly what kind of girls he likes, and is confident in his choice.

5. He can handle your honesty

He can handle your honesty

Not all young guys are adequately prepared to accept constructive criticism of their sexual skills. The male ego is a fragile thing, no wonder we are so difficult to approach the conversation with a partner about what he’s bad in bed.

Adult male understands that the female body is a complex system and would not mind hearing some tips on its operation. It does not take comments personally, and interested to please you and not to assert themselves.

This man no offense you can say: “Please don’t do this”. He doesn’t mind you leading, but at the same time always willing to take the initiative in their hands.

6. You feel comfortable with him

Next, to a confident man who is not trying to be anything else and is not shy about his shortcomings, I want to be the same feel safe and secure. This ease creates a comfortable relationship, especially sexually. You’re not worried that he notes your flaws or examines you, because you feel that you attract it.

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Written by Hannah

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