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6 myths about bisexuals


They say that bisexuals can have sex for ten days without a break, and then drink a glass of water and continue. They say they want one and all, therefore it is better not to be caught by them. It is said that bisexuals are still cheating, therefore they are not capable of long-term relationships. And they say that bisexuals are an invention of people who are embarrassed to admit their homosexuality. We understand the most common myths about people who do not care with whom to sleep: with a man or a woman.

1. He’s just not met the right person

One of the most common myths about bisexuals says that such a person is simply in search, curious or did not meet “the very one” or “the very one.” Yes, many bisexuals eventually enter into long-term relationships with the opposite sex, but this does not cancel their attraction to people of the same sex.

Often a person realizes that his sexual interest does not depend on the gender of the partner, even as a teenager. Not always it turns out to be curiosity, which evaporates, only the ideal of heterosexual dreams will knock on the door.

The fact that bisexuality is not a temporary whim, but a steady sexual preference, is also reported by scientists who have studied bisexual women for a decade. Only 8% of those who identified themselves as bisexual during adolescence eventually decided on homosexual or heterosexual orientation. The research results are published in the journal “Developmental Psychology”.

2. Bisexual men are gay but afraid to admit it.

Being gay in the USA is the same as being a feminist in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is not surprising that men’s bisexuality is highly stigmatized compared to women’s.

Although the difference between bisexuality and heterosexual or homo-obvious, in the mass consciousness a man is more often associated with a gay person who does not want to admit his orientation. Admit it when a girl talks about being attracted to people of both sexes, this is more of interest than disgust. Can not be said about a similar situation with a man.

Even in America, where tolerance is simpler, men are still less likely to openly declare bisexuality than women.

Despite the confusion in sexual preferences, do not equate bisexual to homosexual. After all, once, as you know, still does not mean anything.

Bisexual men

3. Bisexuals often change

One of the common stereotypes: if a bisexual is in a permanent relationship with a partner of the same sex, he has to satisfy the attraction to people of the other sex on the side.

In fact, this does not work. Bisexuality does not mean that a person needs to have regular sex with people of different sexes. It just says that gender does not affect his addiction.

You can be happy in a relationship, but other nice guys don’t lose their appeal. Just now you are not a taster on a wine tour, but a museum visitor. So look, but do not touch. If this analogy is valid for heterosexual people, then everything works exactly the same for bisexuals.

4. Bisexuals are obsessed with sex.

This insidious prefix “bi” makes us unknowingly exaggerate the sexual exploits of bisexuals. It seems that if a man likes both men and women, then he has sex twice as often.

Everything in life is much more prosaic, and bisexuality is not synonymous with promiscuous sex and constant lust. Each of us in our own way relates to intimate relationships, has its own level of sexual activity. And people with the prefix “bi” is no exception.

Bisexual sex obsessed

5. Bisexual men are equally attracted to people of both sexes.

Since sexuality exists in the spectrum, the attraction of bisexuals to men and women is not always determined by proportions 50/50. Everything is individual: someone more often likes men, someone – women. But it still does not make a man homosexual or heterosexual.

There is no ideal proportion of 75%, 80% or even 99%, which will help to categorize a person to certain gender identity. However, bisexuals insist that they are an independent group, and not “not yet defined” or “somewhere between.” Despite the fact that they have already managed to achieve a separate letter in the LGBT acronym, bisexual people continue to feel depressed, make manifestos and demand justice.

6. You are not bisexual if you have not met with a man and a woman

Alas, the experience does not always correspond to our preferences: you can love exclusively inflated brunettes under the height of two meters, but for some reason all the time, the thin-eyed, fair-haired boys in freckles are always nearby.

Bisexuals are not always lucky to find reciprocity in people of both sexes, so it’s not worthwhile to demand visual confirmation of their orientation every time. Nothing prevents an exemplary family man with his wife and a couple of kids from dreaming about a strong-bodied colleague if he is bisexual. Or latent homosexual. Go figure them out.

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