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6 Relationship problems faced by millennials

relationship problems

Relationship problems: Millennials that have grown up in the world of dating applications, instant messengers, and unlimited social connections are not as romantic as other generations. Although the understanding between the sexes was not ideal at all times: those born in the late 20th century have their own unique difficulties.

Most of them are related to the development of technology, which influenced the interaction between people in general. Here are some of the relationship problems that millennials most often encounter.

1. Different goals

The possibilities of the millennials are many times greater than those of previous generations. Not only the material world but also social attitudes are changing. Self-development, a successful career, adherence to one’s desires are encouraged much more than the desire for family and stability. Param not necessarily immediately live together or marry, each person himself is determined with priorities.

Of course, individualists have always been in society, but among the millennials, there are much more of them. A variety of choices is good for an individual, but not too much for a couple. How to make general plans when one wants to work as a nanny for a panda in China, and the other to innovate in Skolkovo.

2. Jealousy of behavior in social networks

Jealousy of behavior in social networks

For betrayal in the form of likes or compliments in the comments of an outside pretty girl, there is already a term – “micro change”. In life, they have not even met, but it is unpleasant as if by chance she saw him kissing a colleague in farewell.

No matter how much you say that virtual and real life have little in common, social networks still became another platform for evaluating relationships. Psychologists recommend not to make far-reaching conclusions on the online behavior of the partner, but the Internet, one way or another, throws up new reasons for conflict.

3. Ignoring partner

This is a problem not only in relationships but in any verbal communication today – we are constantly distracted by the phone. This is a behavioral habit deep in the subconscious that people often insult their partners with. In order to somehow manage telephone addiction, psychologist Matthew Matsler advises negotiating with a partner that you hold your smartphones in a pocket or bag for a certain period of time.

4. Publication of relationship details in social networks

Publication of details of the relationship in social networks

Social networks blur the line between personal and public. Some people share too overt information about their partner. Relationships in the past were not a big secret either – they were discussed when meeting friends, acquaintances or relatives. The problem is that now it’s easier for a partner to know what you are saying about him. In addition, narrated facts or published photos are available to too large audiences.

5. It’s easier to change

Treason is not a new problem in relationships, but the Internet has created other ways of cheating. Getting an affair on the side is much easier with the help of social networks, applications and dating sites. And the temptation is always at hand – in the news feed.

6. Communication difficulties

Difficulties in communication

Since millennials often discuss problems with a partner with the help of instant messengers, this creates additional difficulties for mutual understanding. Text and smiles cannot convey all. In addressing serious conflicts, it is important to read the emotions of the interlocutor. Young people share a ton of information on social networks, but do not know how to express their needs and desires in a personal conversation with a partner. It is much easier to report unpleasant news in absentia, but the most difficult conversations should always be face to face.

The digital age has influenced how we interact with people, create relationships, and relate to life. But this text is not about the fact that people are doomed to become incapable of communicating zombies with phones. There are advantages in the life of the millennials: they are less prone to promiscuous sexual relations, and those who meet through special applications create stronger couples. Being aware of the problems that the new time brings, we can easily deal with them and build a more successful relationship.

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