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6 rules of good fathers


It seems that the innocent flaws in the upbringing of a child can have consequences that will manifest themselves later and will greatly surprise both the surrounding and parents.

How to avoid paternity errors

 It is not necessary to monitor each step of it

“Excessive care in the future will bring trouble. The child will become afraid of everything unfamiliar: new places, equipment, people, and animals. Prevention of such disorders must begin in early childhood. ” Of course, it’s not worth to offer the kid to put a finger in the toaster to find out what is hot. But in that, he will discover for himself that the soap is bitter, and the snow is cold, there is nothing terrible.

Try not to find out the relationship with his wife in front of the child

“Perversions, sexual preferences, and behavioral stereotypes, oddly enough, are laid in the child from an early age. Therefore, it would be good for him not to quarrel, let alone not get divorced, “Tatyana says. If this still happened, keep friendly relations with your wife, otherwise, the boy will grow henpecked, and the girl – a vindictive bitch.

Win the monster under the baby bed

The fantasy of children often engenders not only imaginary friends or stories for games but also the embodiment of fear – monsters that come at night or are lodged in a closet. The father must teach the child to fight them. The best way is to draw or fashion the alleged enemy, and then find his weaknesses.

Learn to answer strange questions

Do not be surprised if a child once asked if you will die soon. “It’s normal,” our expert reassured, “Moreover, it is a sign of intellectual development.” Explain what happens to a person after death: he goes to heaven or is remembered by grateful descendants. But without naturalistic details! You do not want him to be fixed on death?

Praised by your child

At a tender age, a child gets used to being praised for any nonsense – like “how cool we ate a soup”. In kindergarten and especially in school this will not be: their children are compared, set each other as an example, and encouragement should be earned. In order not to become stressful, start provoking “success situations” in advance: learn how to draw or fold cranes from bills and praise only for success.

Properly prepare the child for kindergarten

Yes, this child must be cooked for this shake-up. “It would be nice to show him the teacher beforehand. Or, at least, start telling about it in advance. The child has a narrow attention, it is easier for him to go to a specific person, and not to an abstract garden. ” By the way, if you will praise Aunt Luba already at the meeting, she can remember your child and sing it out from the crowd of other children.

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