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6 rules of good kissing


Good kissing: Learning time for kisses on tomatoes, girlfriends and your own reflection in the mirror behind. But even in 25 years, a new partner makes you worry about how your first rapprochement will take place: will you like him, will he be good and what to do if a guy kisses just monstrously.

Unfortunately, experience, experience and all past achievements in the case of a kiss do not play a big role. Much more important is your compatibility with a partner and the ability to feel each other. Nevertheless, there is always a way to improve the impression of a kiss.

So, in order for your stars to fall across the horizon, magical music should play and a chorus of cicada frogs be heard, you need to follow a few simple rules.

1. Longer does not mean better


It is difficult to determine the optimal duration of a kiss, but if the guy glances at the clock behind you maybe you are a little delayed with tenderness. Extra minutes, in this case, do not add the time to the importance and sensibility. Better he will want to repeat than breathe a sigh of relief at the end.

If you both are crazy long kisses, try to break the world record set by a pair from Thailand. They kissed for over 58 hours without a break. However, it was not so romantic – the guys eat through a straw, went to the toilet and did not sleep more than two days.

2. Think about the partner

A good kiss is an encounter with a partner so you need to pay attention to his reaction. Remember that these rough lips of a living person. No virtuoso technique of language proficiency will not replace authentic emotion and sensuality.

3. Talk about the shortcomings

Talk about the shortcomings

According to sexologist and psychotherapist, Mary Fisher, most people complain about the lack of sensuality and closeness of the partner while kissing. Another important skill is to adapt to each other: do not open your mouth too wide or not to use the language, if the person is not ready. And finally, the cornerstone – fresh breath and hygiene.

To talk about such things with a guy is terribly awkward, especially when you are just starting a relationship. However, this is the only way to improve the situation. If a partner is like trying to touch the language of your tonsils, drooling Dogue de Bordeaux worse or irritate the skin of the bristles, do not be shy to tell him. Kiss is a team activity, so we have to compromise.

4. Focus on the positive aspects of

Constructive criticism should always be combined with positive reinforcement. If you’re anything like kissing your boyfriend, tell him. This may encourage him to return frankness, and who are not will appreciate the increased confidence in the pair?

5. Remember that not everyone likes to kiss

Remember that not everyone likes to kiss

We have to admit that kissing is not for everyone. If lack of sexual desire makes you think about your compatibility with a partner or on their own health, not wanting to make out anything does not mean. Here is what does this account of Mary Fisher:

Not everyone likes kisses. Only about half of the people in the world kissing romantic or erotic purposes. So, obviously, this is not a required element for intimacy. But if kiss still is an important part of the intimacy for you, talk to your partner about it. In the case when the kisses seem strange or unpleasant, will also discuss and consider how you will be able to feel physically close without this action.

If you still can not imagine that the guy was opposed to such a romantic occupation as a kiss, read what Vladimir Zhirinovsky says on this subject:

I am opposed to this, this is disgusting! How — long kiss? On the cheek, slightly! The mouth is the dirtiest place of the human being, through the mouth enters all food — she’s poisoned, she’s an ugly, rotten animal. Who came up with all the kissing?

That mouth is the dirtiest place Vladimir Zhirinovsky, no doubt. But seriously, to hell with all this demagoguery about hygiene, just bear in mind that not all men love tenderness.

6. Don’t worry about your kissing skills

Don’t worry too much about how perfectly you have mastered the kiss. Consider the kiss as a skill that cannot be achieved once and for all, with each partner it is necessary to learn anew. So just relax, be yourself, and succeed.

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Written by Hannah

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