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6 signs that you are a love parasite


Love parasite: It appears that in a relationship one partner is emotionally dependent and the other partner is emotionally removed. The first complaints about the lack of alone time with her lover, the second is the need for personal space. Interestingly, both aspects of the system come not from love. The need for emotional dependence occurs from a deep fear of rejection. When a person does not know how to cope with their feelings and needs, it makes your partner responsible for them. If you think everything you do is the fruit of great light and love that your partner just doesn’t appreciate, go through my checklist and see whether you loving parasite.

1. You are responsible for his mood

You are responsible for his mood

When you fall into addiction from your partner, your mood depends on his mental state. If he comes home upset, you automatically to adjust to his mood. For you his in a bad mood, a signal that something is wrong with you. Being in love doesn’t equal to being the navel of the Earth for a specific person. You feel pain if your partner feels it, you’re sad if your partner is experiencing, but simply out of empathy, not fear, be sure that you did something wrong.

2. Your partner is the centre of the universe

If your partner becomes the primary meaning of your life is a sign of emotional dependence. The one who is emotional, make her feel comfortable and do what interests him outside the sphere of relations. However, the person who is addicted, there is only one real interest in life, and this is his partner. There is nothing wrong with what you’re doing your relationship a priority, but the happiness of your partner should not be the centre of your life. Everything needs balance.

3. Jealousy is your inseparable companion

Jealousy is your inseparable companion

Emotionally dependent people are experiencing jealousy because you don’t feel safe when their partner doesn’t spend time with them. Separation, however small, becomes a stress and a reason to wonder if everything was okay in the relationship. If you are really in love, then the ground from under the feet go is not every time he will do something outside of your relationship. In a balanced pair, both people need free time and use their emotional intelligence to cultivate relationships outside of emotional attachment to each other.

4. Parting for you — end of the world

When you’re in love with someone, the idea that this person could leave you painful. For the emotionally dependent, the separation thing is a disaster of epic proportions. You feel that you’re ready to do anything to force a person to stay, even agree to the most unfavourable conditions. This is because you can’t imagine how to live independently. True love is about freedom of choice and respect for the partner. And to talk about what’s bothering you, without fear of heart is always possible.

5. You count the points

You count the points

Couples who are genuinely in love, support each other and appreciate. When you depend on your relationships, you can keep score and be passive-aggressive when they realize that in a relationship there has been imbalanced. For example, if your partner did not take the phone one night, you can tell yourself that the next day would answer his call. This can lead to unnecessary mind games, which are very exhausting both partners.

6. Your love is conditional

When you feel that you can love your partner only if it meets your expectations, it’s a bad sign.

In relations based on love and personal growth, you love each other free. Your feelings should not change from day to day depending on what your beloved does or doesn’t do for you. For the most part, unconditional love takes time, but when you really love someone, you should not expect that it will necessarily be to do something for you.

To be emotionally dependent on a partner doesn’t mean you’re bad as a girl. In a healthy relationship, both partners need to feel energetic and to continue to emotionally and spiritually grow. It is hard to do when you do that, please. But once you learn to rely on yourself and take interest in their life, your relationship will be much stronger.

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