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6 signs that you don’t like sex, and how to fix it?


Sex life cannot be adjusted once and for all. Our libido changes at different periods in life, relationships with a partner go through several stages, so sooner or later everyone needs a shake-up. Here are some signs that will help you understand that your sex could be better.

1. You can’t admit that you want more

Often people understand that it is not satisfied with their sex lives, but can’t admit it even to myself. In relationships, sexual dissatisfaction is an inconvenient truth that you will never want to face.

In our culture, it is assumed that adults know all about what makes sex good, and if we don’t, we call ourselves or others bad in bed, says sex coach Ren Grabert. So the recognition that you want to change your sex life often seems to be a recognition that you’re bad at sex. But it’s not.

An open recognition that you want more, is the path to a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

2. You have a good relationship, except sex

It’s hard to say, the partner that won’t change in the intimate life if everything else goes perfectly. People don’t want to rock the boat and create a problem, so just deal with it and treat sex as a duty.

To talk about what’s bothering you is an important part of a relationship, not a threat. Trying to ignore the problem could lead to even greater difficulties and even the loss of a partner.

3. You think that sex is not so important

Think that sex is not so important

Getting orgasm and procreation is not the only function of sex. If you are over 70, it is still an important part of a relationship than having common interests, understanding and support. The absence of pleasure or desire is not something that you can not see and remain a happy couple.

Not surprisingly, many girls ignore their need for sex. These are the costs of a Patriarchal upbringing where sex is primarily a tool to please men and video female duty.

If you feel that sex in a relationship for you is not a priority, it’s time to shake things up and rethink his attitude toward pleasure.

4. You don’t expect sex

If you had a hard-on thinking about her boyfriend and could not live without intimacy for a week and now don’t feel the same – your sex life is troubling. Yes, with time the passion in a couple of a little subside, but the drop in libido is not an ordinary stage in the development of relations. Female pleasure is inextricably linked to emotion, so do not hesitate to get them out of joint sexual experimentation.

5. Your sex is always on schedule

sex is always on schedule

When you live in a busy schedule, there is nothing wrong to plan for sex as other daily things. This allows you both to coordinate their expectations and prepare. However, the proximity of the schedule should not be the only form of intimate life. There is no substitute for spontaneous sex, and if I can’t remember the last time I succumbed to a passionate impulse, your relationship is definitely not enough fire. You can save a spark honest conversation and emotional intimacy in this question, although a change of scenery wouldn’t hurt. The good old spontaneous sex in the car shake the dull relationship.

6. Do not allow yourself to get enough pleasure

To understand that your sex life it’s time to hit the defibrillator, you need to first assess the level of their own pleasure. It would seem, so much easier, but as the study shows, not all know what is good sex.

According to the US National survey of sexual health and behavior, the men on the question “what is good sex?” is often answered “orgasm”. The word that precedes ejaculation foreplay or emotional intimacy. Women are even sadder because for most respondents good sex is sex without pain. Fantastic simplicity!

The most important element of a healthy sexual life is exciting, but it requires ingenuity. You need new and exciting intimate experiences and feelings that will get rid of sexual frustration.

To admit that you guy has not had time to celebrate your silver wedding and your sex already need an upgrade, seriously. But what you can give such frankness, it is worth all the experiences.

What do you think?

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Written by Hannah

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