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6 types of women who constantly want sex


Most often concern about male characteristics and a woman is considered to be not inclined to constant thinking about sex – they say, once a week was enough. In this article, we decided to look at this stereotype from a different perspective and tell about women whose sexual desire is at times greater than the male.

Sexual attraction is the collection of several processes in our body. It manifests itself both in the physical components and in the spiritual.

However, there are women who are capable of experiencing sexual attraction all the time. There are a lot of reasons for such sexual outbursts. It can be either a fixation on hedonism, or an acquired disease, or a childhood trauma that the girl has never told.

The desire to satisfy their sexual needs is natural for any person, it arises in each of us during puberty when the hormonal background begins to change. But there are precedents, when the attraction exceeds the norm, becoming an addiction. We will talk about such cases in this article.

The absence of a permanent partner

In a woman who does not have a long relationship, the libido rises several times. Desire can arise at any moment, and the longer a woman does not have a partner, the more she will dream of sexual intimacy, and the excitement will only increase. The object of lust in such situations can be any passerby. The excitement is added by her brain, projecting the situation in advance, predicting the pleasure that this process will bring.

Creative personalities

The psychological and sexual nature of women is closely interwoven, some find their inspiration in sexual intimacy, and if it is not, the door of creativity also becomes close to them. These women will always be in a state of excitement because it is it that excites their consciousness and creates the opportunity to create.

Problems from childhood

There are times when a woman’s sexual dependence is based on a child’s psychological trauma. This can be a cruel treatment of parents, physical neglect or incest. At the subconscious level, the person begins to feel helpless and hopeless, which can provoke increased libido, because the psyche is obsessed with a painful event that has happened. A proper understanding of intimacy is erased, and a woman can indiscriminately change partners, or prefer cruelty during an act-in general, perform any manipulation, just to blur her own trauma.

Narcissistic nature

For such women, there is nothing sexier and more beautiful than one’s own body, which serves as a permanent excuse. This type is not always required to have a partner, as they themselves can enjoy themselves. Here there is a substitution of the concept of love by the attraction to oneself, the idol becomes its own body, and lust does not leave for a minute.


In addition to changes in mood, loss of appetite and many other symptoms, the indicator of the presence of ovulation is also increased sexual activity. Studies have proved that these days a woman is not always able to control her own desires and deeds since the animal instinct takes precedence over all other processes.


Nymphomania is a form of the female sexual disorder characterized by an elevated, irrepressible sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Individuals susceptible to this disease are constantly in search of a sexual partner, and their desire even after reaching orgasm cannot be met. At the moment only 3% of the population has this disease, and many often perceive a constant desire in a positive direction, rather than in a negative, especially a man.

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