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6 ways to deal with feelings if your love is not mutual

Are you obsessed with a guy who already has a girlfriend, your actions? We will consider that the points “to drink, cry, hope” have already been passed and it’s time to move on to something more constructive. Attention, this text is not about how to get someone who does not care about you. But we will tell you how to cope with emotions and live on.

1. Avoid unnecessary interactions

Avoid unnecessary interactions

You were struck by a deadly virus, and the medicine is only from a guy in whom you are in love – this is the right interaction and a good reason to meet the object of attachment. In other cases, he does not necessarily appear in your life.

If you have managed to fall in love with a colleague, and you can not help seeing each other, distance yourself. Be friendly, but not too friendly. You do not forbid yourself to talk to him, but you try to reduce emotional attachment.

2. Do not follow him on social networks

Remove from friends is not necessary, but try to pay less attention to its updates. Save emotions for events more important than Internet snagging.

Viewing his page can be useful only in one case: to make sure that they are all right with the girl and you do not have anything to shine, to experience a feeling of disgust for the fact that he is happy there, and you sit and whine, postpone the smartphone and start a normal life. Be proud after all.

3. Distract yourself

Distract yourself

The most useless thing that can be done in case of unrequited love is to remain friends. Denied people ask themselves in the French zone to keep the illusion of any kind of relationship. In fact, while there are romantic feelings, friendship will only exacerbate your condition.

From unrequited love, there is no medicine, but there is a universal way to go through bad times. Here you need to act the same as with any other pain, – switch attention. Take care of something new, go on a trip, get more work. If you are ready, go on a date.

Do everything to distract yourself from the idea of hypothetical happiness with this guy. If fate again brings you together, your full-fledged happy life will not prevent it.

4. Do not blame him, girl

Do not blame him girl

In most romantic Comedy girl the best guy – a hideous manipulator with a set of vices, but effective appearance. She is the only thing that prevents the heroes from being together.

In real life, the girl of your lover is just a person and not the cause of your unhappiness.

Switching negative emotions to the opponent makes it possible not to be fixed at the break and prevents adequately assess the situation. If the guy had feelings for you – he would be close. Find the strength to recognize that the man is a little more complicated than a puppy who lost his mother and warmed up with a neighbour’s cat. This is his conscious choice, not the vicissitudes of fate.

5. Admit that you really do not want to be “the same”

There’s something positive about not being together. This is especially true when a guy is flirting with you, do not hesitate to their non-free status.

After receiving his drunk text that he will always remember how much fun you had, congratulate yourself on the fact that it’s not your boyfriend. You avoided a relationship with a potential cheater – isn’t that a miracle?

6. Establish a firm physical boundary

Establish a firm physical boundary

It’s a pity that feelings are not as logical as your thoughts, and just to be happy that you are not a traitor girl is not enough.

You are afraid that there will be a temptation of physical contact with this guy, — do not create intimate situations. Don’t hug him supposedly as a friend, be careful with alcohol if you’re resting together, move away, if you see the sew that his lips move closer to your face.

Keeping the distance you need first of all to avoid feelings of guilt and not to become a victim of his manipulations.

If he’s in a relationship, but he’s still paying attention to you, it’s probably delusional. We already told you what it is and how not to let the guy use you.

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