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7 signs that the pen guy exaggerates his achievements


Online Dating has two problems: you risk falling in love with a guy who lives on the other side of the world; you risk falling in love with a guy who doesn’t exist, because Mr. X fooled your head, hiding behind an account in social networks. In the first case, the only emigration will help you. But in order not to plunge into the second story, you can do something. You can recognize a liar at the stage of virtual communication. Here are some signs that will help you understand that a guy is exaggerating his achievements.

1. It sounds too good to be true

Many exaggerate their real merits in the social networks or apps for Dating, but there are limits. If the guy you’re talking to, says that he is a champion bodybuilder, a petroleum engineer, laureate of the prize in science and innovation, and in the evenings wrote the lyrics for hits of Olga Buzova, something is wrong. I do not exclude that somewhere there is a man, but check all the same will not be superfluous.

2. He wants to tell about all the girls that he had

Next time, when faced with a guy who sees women only a tool for self-empowerment, run. Such people are either complete fools or incurable notorious weak personality, I hope none of these qualities in a partner you are not attracted to.

“I was Dating a model, fitness trainer, singer, Busty twins growth of 1.85 – welcome to my collection!”. Seriously, dude, you are so unsure of himself that are already trying to make me jealous?

3. Speaks only about himself

If you are just beginning to communicate with the guy, but already feel that he is too concerned with trying to convince you of her attractiveness – it seems that in reality, he has nothing to show. Such people have the time to argue with someone, bringing new arguments why he is good. The culprit, of course, lack of confidence, and don’t try to justify it with what he really wants to please you. Believe me, he hardly thinks about anyone but himself. Contact with such regularly gets ready to massage his ego.

4. Obsessed with fitness

obsessed with fitness

I, like most girls, attracted to guys with a good figure, but I agree some guys go too far. If you decide to turn your body into a temple, then I’m sorry – I’m not religious and not willing to worship someone’s divine forms.

Unfortunately, many who are fond of the gym develops brain fitness. When a person can not talk about anything except the number of approaches and the size of their cans, it speaks of its limitations. I am in favor of healthy lifestyles, but I do not consider the ability to eat properly and a pumped up body a serious achievement. In addition, these people often talk about sports much more than real success in it.

5. Speaks about working with common phrases

If you had a SIP of wine every time you see the profile of another guy, the words “entrepreneur” or “self-employed”, you would have already on 10-Oh to minute of viewing. When the guy says that he has his own business, but does not explain what it is, makes no references to the website and finished with vague phrases, do not take his entrepreneurial ambitions seriously. In recent years too often the word “businessman”, “self-employed” and “startups” have become synonymous with “unemployed.”

6. Suspends when you mention a meeting

It’s hard not to take it personally when a guy talks to you online but avoiding a personal meeting. Although, if you why he gladly continued the conversation. Sometimes the fear of personal contact — a clear sign that the person said too much about myself. Now he guards the myth against harsh reality and tries delicately to leave your suggestions to spend time together.

7. According to his photos, it is difficult to understand how he looks

According to his photos it is difficult to understand how he looks

Always in sunglasses? In a dark room? In a crowd of people? Strange, if its the best photo he is shown in costume for Halloween or back. I always prefer to imagine that this humble profile is hidden with the appearance of James McAvoy. Although, life is cruel and teaches that if the guy has something to show, he is sure to do. Millions of selfies from the gym to confirm this.

What do you think?

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Written by Hannah

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