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8 grandmother’s advice, which should not be followed

Grandmother with baby

Do not accustom to hands

Grandmother sure: a dry, well-fed and healthy baby is simply obliged to entertain himself. On his hands can be taken only if necessary, for example, to feed or change. So the baby will grow more independent, and the woman will have a personal time and a healthy back. It sounds quite adequate.

On the other hand, for a child close and prolonged contact with the mother is vitally important. The native smell and palpitation calm, he feels safe and develops better. Infancy – a very short period of childhood, every month my mother’s hands need a baby less and less. It is necessary to catch the moment and enjoy, without forgetting, of course, to observe a balance of interests.

Dress the baby warmer

Grandmother is almost always cold because of age, metabolism and blood circulation slow down. Therefore, it seems to her that the baby is also freezing. Only the socks will save the crumb from frostbite.

At children all on the contrary and to over-heat the child is much easier, than to over cool, and, as doctors assure, it is more dangerous. Mama’s task is to work with a sensitive thermometer and remove excess clothes from the baby in time. Well, or vice versa, for the joy of my grandmother to warm his hat.

In the year of shaving the baby nalyso

The closer the first birthday, the more perseveringly grandmother offers to shave a child. She is sure: after shaving the babies will grow thick and shiny hair. If this is not done, then walk the baby with a rat tail for life. This is a classic logical error: “after” does not mean “due”. After a year, children naturally change their hair to normal hair, and shaving simply makes this process more obvious.

The number and quality of hair in a child, and then – and an adult – is determined only by heredity. Moreover, trichologists believe that a razor and a machine can damage immature hair follicles and hair, in the end, will be bad. So tell my grandmother.

Begin to accustom to the pot

Grandmothers had to endlessly boil the diapers, wash the described mattresses and manually wash the sliders because they did not have diapers and automatic washing machines. Accustoming the child to the pot seriously facilitated the life of the family and nannies in the kindergarten. Plant the child on the pot tried almost from birth. At some point, the baby was able to more or less train. Mom spent a lot of energy on it, but in those days the game at least costs a candle.

A modern woman objectively does not need to put a child in the pot for a year. He can walk in diapers well until he ripens. But as soon as the baby is ready, he will easily master the pot. Let this happen after two years, but painless for all participants.

In the first month, do not show your child to anyone.

And then jinx it. These superstitions came from the distant past when infant mortality was high, and medicine did not know the vaccines and antibiotics. Of course, our grandmothers are not so ancient, but magical thinking is strong even in our time.

A newborn baby to show everyone in a row and the truth is not worth it, but not because of the evil eye, but because of infections. It is interesting that the fear of the evil eye to some extent spread to the placement of photos on the Internet. Moms are afraid to spread pictures of children, although there is no physical danger for them. And in general, have the right to do so.

Breastfeed strictly according to the regime

It seems our grandmothers raised physiologically other babies. From birth, these wonderful children woke up every three hours for food. In the evening such an ideal child was put in a separate crib and he slept there all night long with a healthy deep sleep. Because they had a regime, and you have free feeding – that’s the torment.

Any woman at some point understands that without a regime of life there is no and all the participants in the process he really needs. But during the formation of lactation, while the child and mother only get used to each other, doctors recommend feeding on demand. If you maintain at least a small gap between attachments, then soon the kid himself will establish a convenient schedule. Mom will only stick to it.

It’s time to introduce complementary foods

In four child months, the grandmother begins to repeat about the lure. Breast milk is declared insufficiently nutritious. The baby is malnourished and only the yolk, apple, at worst – juice – will save the situation.

When breastfeeding, the World Health Organization recommends that you enter lure not earlier than six months. If the child is on mixed or artificial feeding, the lure usually begins a little earlier. But in any case, you need to listen to a pediatrician, a leading child, and not a grandmother. Yet her knowledge is slightly outdated.

Let him scream

Grandma is not a sadist, she was just taught that: when a child cries, do not immediately run and take it in your arms. Scream and stop, at the same time the lungs will work out. Sadly, this method works. If you do not regularly respond to the cry of the baby, then soon he will stop calling. So, the refuseniks almost do not cry, because they know that no one will approach them.

Regularly leaving the crumbs proratsya, grow a comfortable, but hardly – a happy – a person. The world is for him never.

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