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8 habits in your behaviour that will repel guys


The real man is not afraid of any difficulties. Unfortunately, until now it is not known for certain whether he exists and whether he has the same true friends in sufficient quantity. Therefore while it is necessary to deal with real men. They are easy to find but easy to lose. I’ll tell you about women’s habits, because of which an affair with a boy will never grow into something more.

1. Too much writing

Too much writing

It is a common mistake at an early stage of a relationship – to think that you should be constantly in touch. We all love to have, but for girls, this instinct is especially strong.

At the beginning of relationships, it is important to consolidate the sense of belonging. Nothing will do it better than constant correspondence. Indeed, how can you be sure that you are still together if you do not know what he’s been doing the last three hours?

Too intense correspondence creates the impression that you are forcing events. This can not but repel.

2. You’re jealous

More precisely, you admit this. Jealousy without reason is a sign of toxic relations and an early separation.

At the beginning of the novel, the internal owner needs to hide stronger than the pictures with the former first grey hair. Ideally, this beast (I mean the owner, not about the former) must not be in your future life. But, if the past years give you at least some basis to claim their rights, jealousy in the first weeks of Dating looks ridiculous and humiliating.

3. You ask a lot of questions

You ask a lot of questions

You should know the guy better, but do not act like you plan to write his biography. Detailed interviews on every occasion will lead to even those who have nothing to hide.

The game of 20 questions for some reason is considered a good idea for the first date. I think it should be used only if you stand on the threshold of menopause, behind the door a crowd of relatives who are waiting for you when you are married, with a midwife ready to take your first birth, and you do not have time for long acquaintances.

4. You have no interests

Some girls too literally perceive the expression “the second half” and become a symbiote – the so-called organisms, which for a long time and closely cohabitate with each other. The sloth has algae in the wool, the mushrooms have a lichen, your boyfriend has you.

Relations are a mutual exchange: emotions, services, knowledge. What can give a man a girl who lives only by his interests? In addition to feelings of irritation and boredom, of course.

5. Waiting for him to pay for everything

pay for everything

After all, the very fact of your existence is enough that any man would dream of paying for you in a restaurant, in a beauty salon and in line at the supermarket ticket office.

If the guy decided to pay for you – it’s a pleasant gesture, and do not give it up. But when you wait for this by default or pronounce the monstrous word “must” – you yourself change from a love relationship to a market one.

6. Are you talking about obligations

Any mention of your hypothetical wedding or possible offspring in the first six months of dating is a great way to hint the guy that it’s time for him to fall. If you do not run ahead, you will still have time to talk about joint plans for life.

Men frighten me, who are ready to marry after a couple of months of relations. This is not about the strength of feelings or serious intentions, but about the fact that marriage means nothing more to him than a decision to celebrate the New Year.

7. Share personal in social networks

social networks

Most guys in principle do not really respect the weakness of women to spread every step in the social network. Moreover, they do not like it when your relations develop in front of the whole world.

For photos in the style of “here is his hand on my knee” is also a desire to possess. You want to voice your relationship as soon as possible, and this frightens.

8. You say nasty things about other people

This is another quality that should not be shown to a man. The way you talk about other people characterizes only you, not them. To humiliate people behind their back is just out of pleasure – it’s disgraceful. So leave this pleasant lesson for meetings with your friends.

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Written by Hannah

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