8 signs that relationships on the Internet will never be real


Relationships: The virtual guy is still better than nothing. Although with the same success it is possible to think that if your bedside table is a photograph of Tom Hardy, then you’re not so alone. When a relationship on the Internet takes too long to go offline, it’s time to decide whether to spend life in a meaningless exchange of pictures. Here are a few signs that a guy by correspondence will never enter into your real life.

1. Speaks about dating only in the uncertain future

It seems illogical that a person who has no plans to meet you in real life, says about the date. But don’t get too excited if he writes about it in the abstract. You can be permanently stuck in limbo due to the inability of a guy to move from words to deeds.

2. Too busy

Too busy

All the time, but life is a virtual Dynamo so mad that he can’t spare out of my schedule a couple of hours to chat with you in real life. Note that nothing prevents him from texting all day long. Even if you agreed to meet at the last moment something happens and your plan goes to hell.

3. was in your district, but did not say

The guy on the chat often happens near your home or work, but never offered to have a word personally. Worse than that only the fact that he did not says he was somewhere near, and you know it by geolocation in social networks. Look, if you don’t live in different countries, there is no objective reason not to meet at least once.

4. He shows no interest to you

He shows no interest to you

Why when you’re not interested in someone, he strives to gain your location, and as soon as you begin to reciprocate, retreats? At the beginning of communication you feel at ease, but over time more and more invested in this relationship. Now you’re asking him questions about his life, and he does not ignore but does not show previous interest. The cooling is difficult to grasp immediately because it meets and even writes sometimes. For too long it cannot continue, one day you will look at the situation soberly and you will realize that you don’t put out.

5. He is not so worried about the fact that you have not seen you

He can’t understand why without meeting them in your life, you feel like an idiot that is wasting his time sending messages. The guy doesn’t think it’s important, and I’m surprised you’re so upset about the situation. Your persistent hints and tantrums cause him confusion because he was never going to see you.

6. Begins to talk less and less

From your correspondence in the first weeks of Dating, it was possible to compile a six-volume. You did not notice, as he became the first in the friend’s list and how used to start the morning with its message. Over time, more and more begin to hint at the meeting and to Express disappointment that it hasn’t happened yet, and Presto – it slowly dissolves in the virtual world.

7. Lying about not entering the dating app anymore

Lying about not entering the dating app anymore

The fact that you moved the communication from chat Dating app to another platform, a good sign. You have advanced so much that exchange audio and video messages? Is almost a success.

A word about the fact that he no longer uses the application, sounds like a hint for a serious relationship to you. If you see the status of activity in his profile, is to stop communicating. You haven’t even met and he’s already lying, such disrespect is hard to find an excuse.

8. He does not respond to your threats to stop communicating

At some point, you decide to talk honestly about what’s going on between you. You’re tired of wasting time and directly give to understand that you need to go on or to stop communicating. If it does not cause any reaction, so he was never going to become real, and losing you just start to chat with someone else.

What exactly you should not do if you understand that the virtual boy is not planning to materialize in your life — to investigate the cause. He was just saved from boredom? Wanted a relationship, but he changed his mind? Amused pride? What’s the difference, you’ll never know, so there is no need to worry.

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