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8 signs that you have a healthy modern relationship


We have already listed signs that the wrong person is with you, talked about toxic habits in the relationship and in every way protected you from such a swamp as an unfortunate affair. If all these materials are not about your life, it’s time to admit that you are a perfect couple with a guy. I do not recommend confirming my guesses with horoscopes for compatibility. There they once wrote that the scales with the lion are a wonderful union, which is why I almost connected my fate with the insanely jealous and mercilessly stupid consultant of the liquor store.

Here are a few signs that without the stellar oracles will tell you that you have a healthy modern relationship.

1. You know all the passwords, but do not see the need to keep track of each other

“I declare you husband and wife, you can exchange passwords from iPhones” – if such a prospect does not scare you, congratulations, your relationship is as close as possible to the ideal. One thing is not to ask for a password, another thing is to know and still not look. It needs an iron will, steel nerves, titanium extract. I must confess that even I do not yet possess such sets of metals in character.

2. You feel comfortable together silent

You feel comfortable together silent

One of the surest signs that you have a healthy relationship you do not bother to joint silence. This means that you have enough trust each other to confirm their feelings of constant attention. Reading a book, flipping through tapes of social networks, while he is killing terrorists in a computer game, and not feel that silence alienates you or creates embarrassment – priceless.

3. You’re not worried about how he behaves in your absence

This is again about trust, a complex and multi-layered thing, like the bows of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. If with this – with confidence, and not with bows, of course – you are fine, you are sure that he does not attend orgies, does not drink with the homeless and does not lose the mother capital in the casino without your knowledge.

4. You’re not worried about how he behaves in social networks

You're not worried about how he behaves in social networks

There are three things that happy couples do not do when they are spending time on the Internet. They are not flirting in the chat with other people, and put the Huskies attractive strangers and people whose profiles look like the portfolio for the contest “The tight ass”, and think three times before you add in friends of people, which can create problems in relationships – for example, ex.

Social networking is just a part of life. How you interact with people online, should not interfere with real relationships.

5. You’re serious about your career each other

You're serious about your career each other

To balance work and relationships can be difficult, especially when you are young and not experienced in any of these areas. Both partners need to support the career ambitions of each other, even if it is not always convenient. If a guy responds to your processing or business trip as boyfriend Andy from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” is a cause for concern. Especially if the career Housewives in your plans is not included.

6. You respect the family and friends of each other

This does not mean that if a guy does not fit organically into your company, then it has no place in your life. It needs to be to expensive to you at least with respect. Phrases like “again, going out with the whore” or “there, your friends are morons is here” — optimism and faith in your relationship don’t give.

7.  Even your arguments are not so bad

A fight, like any war, you need to follow the rules. If the methods and means of warfare are defined by international humanitarian law, the rules of good family quarrels dictate to us the advice of psychologists, self-education and common sense. With the last two components of I, excuse me, to not help, but expert advice willingly.

As said, the specialist on relations Dr. Terry Orbuch in an interview with Huffington Post:

Good relationships are those where the two of you argue fairly. In other words, you do not curse, do not cry and do not drive off each other.

In General, everything is simple and difficult at the same time. Try to figure out who is wrong without monstrous accusations and personal attack.

8.  You respect each other

You respect each other

Most of the items on this list come down to one – respect. If it is, your quarrels will be honest, and you should not worry that he now presses his fingers sweating from excitement on the heart of a photo of another PP-shechek. Each decision – from the fact that today is for dinner, to the purchase of an apartment, you will take as a team. If you have found gaps in some points, then you still have something to work on, that’s all.

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Written by Hannah

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