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8 things that give out an asshole already on the first date

Luck can hide behind a nice smile, stylish shirt, gallant behaviour. Go to work, have a car, love the same movies as you. However, there are things that can not be hidden behind the typical attributes of an interesting man. That’s how you can understand that you contacted the moron, after the first date.

1. His ex-girlfriend was a bitch


Not that it is contagious, and it can not be cured anymore. Just the way a person talks about his ex is characterizing him rather than them.

If according to the guy, all the problems in his past relationship were due to the girl, he may not be able to recognize his shortcomings. Or he is a god, and he has no flaws, although the former is much more likely.

2. He has changed in past relationships

Well, if he honestly admitted it. The bad thing is that, as studies confirm, the one who has changed in past relationships is capable of betrayal in the next.

Whether to give a chance to such a man, it’s up to you.

3. Say something about ugly girls

ugly girls

Maybe he tried to compliment you, calling the girl at the next table a nosy horse. But, as Zemfira’s experience has taught us, Lukism is fun, and nothing but negativity causes such statements.

Not only that the discussion of someone else’s appearance is a sign of bad education. Even if you are very attractive, I think you will not want to be judged on you only on a set of external qualities.

4. Hamit waiter

The way a person communicates with strangers shows his attitude towards people in principle. If in the words “attendants” he is heard “serving” – the guy has problems with self-esteem. Believe me, you do not need so much time to put up with your boorish attitude towards you.

5. Constantly talking about sex

Constantly talking about sex

Flirt is the place on the date, but there must be something else besides this. Anyone who reduces any topic to erotic hints, it seems, is not too interested in other aspects of your personality.

In the way he talks about sex, you can also see red flags. If this is all just about his desires – it means that in bed you are waiting for a self-interested egoist.

6. He talks too much about his love for the gym

If he is crazy about a healthy lifestyle, this is how his hardened body will tell, is not it? Why do you need to know how many kilometres he ran yesterday and how much weight raises? Swordsmen are like a sect. They are looking for any excuse to talk about how to properly exercise, eat, sleep, and lubricate their gorgeous body with oil. If you are not in this group, you are unlikely to be interested in such details. Your meeting will be held under the motto: “Self-love, self-sorrow, boredom.”

7. She talks a lot about her former

her former

Let us return to the former: it is important not only how he talks about her, but also how much. If a person is too hot and talks a lot about their past relationships – he is still in them. At the same time, the guy can say that he is ready to move on, forgot it and started a new life. So he lies not only to you but to himself. Explain that you are not here to help him get distracted.

8. At once you are accused of something

From the threshold says that he was betrayed and he no longer believes anyone – including you. It is threatening that if you deceive even in small things, you will never expect forgiveness from him. The fact that he was not lucky in life, should not be reflected in you. You do not have to deserve his trust, tolerate checks and similar remarks just because before you had a guy had a toxic relationship.

What do you think?

Hannah Veteran

Written by Hannah

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