9 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Married


Since getting married is a big part of your life, you should go through all the following points to make sure you are compatible with your partner.

  1. Don’t be strangers to each other. Start by becoming friends and see if you both are made for each other. Start your relation with a good foundation of trust, love, values, and interest.
  2. Change is not possible in all cases. Do not think that your partner will change after the marriage. People do change but not at your expected time and in many cases, they don’t. So if you think a person is not compatible enough now but will change later, you have to think again. Things like bad temper and addiction usually do not change.
  3. Try to maintain daily communication. Remember that communication is the key. Try to talk about anything and everything. If you have any big secret that you have to tell eventually, do it now or you’ll regret later. After all, honesty is the foundation of any relationship. Try to discuss children, moving away, in-laws, politics, work, etc. beforehand.
  4. Respect each other and your relationship. If this isn’t the priority of your partner, time to step back and think for some time. Successful marriages only happen when both partners are dedicated to solving things and trying to work it out. You cannot think of going back on any trivial reasons.
  5. Get a social glue, try to get a primary form of work and work together on it. This will help you know your partner’s hobbies and interest. It will also help you establish new lines of communication.
  6. Act like kids when together and play games with your partner, such as monopoly or chess. Have a pillow fight with each other or tickle him/her. Have a rain dance together or a make snowman as a team. Habitually losing your dignity around each other is necessary.
  7. Bothof you need to have matching intimacy levels. Marriages work well with independent couples but with a standoffish and a clingy person, it is difficult to keep it working. Make sure you understand this about your partner before it’s late.
  8. Measure your sexual compatibility with your partner. Have enough sex with each other to know your sexual compatibility.
  9. Before getting married, live together at least for a year. This will help you know your compatibility as roommates.

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