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A pin from the evil eye – how to wear and activate

“Envy me, gossip, skate, do not love – do what you want … Just do not look!”

Yes, that does not always work. Corruption can come even from benevolent people, friends and when they least want to harm you. What to do? Do not communicate with anyone? Not necessarily. One powerful tool will help us, a universal guard against the evil eye – an English pin

Negative energy, directed at a person is caught by a pinhead. Energy enters the inside of the hairpin and begins to circulate freely in its forms. Oval, closed form of the amulet does not allow you to go outside the negative, thereby creating a reliable protection to the owner. Attention! A pin from evil eye and spoilage cannot be given under any pretext to strangers even for a minute! Otherwise, its strength will be weakened.

All about our sharp amulet

To protect yourself from the evil eye, you can buy any English hairpin. Many experts believe that the most powerful is a silver pin from the evil eye. But gold and metal are not inferior in strength. An important role played by beads, cling to the needle:

  • The green bead is ideal for protecting children and expectant mothers;
  • yellow will give its strength for the reliable protection of a friend;
  • red will save from the evil eye of a husband or a loved one;
  • blue will help to resist the evil charms of your parents.

You can not! For an English safety pin to have a black bead, this will cause the opposite effect.

How to wear protection properly

An effective pin from the evil eye, how to wear it for maximum impact? Know that this sharp defender should always be near you, pinned on clothes (whether it’s a dress, jacket or homemade gown). Only at night you can take it off and put it in a closed place under the pillow. There are some rules for her competent wearing:

  1. But just buying a hairpin is not enough. Even if it is a gold one – an acute defender must be awakened to work and activated (to start a pin from the evil eye). The book should be in plain view, catchy (in fact, the brighter it is, the greater protection it brings.) By the way, the brightest hairpin is golden. Wearing it from the inside, hiding under the vestments is not correct.
  2. It must be pinned vertically, head down on clothes in the heart (it is allowed to be worn on the left side of the lapel of the jacket).
  3. Mommies can pin this amulet from the evil eye on the sling with the baby.

Preparation for work

Acquire a future defender on Friday afternoon. But to conduct the ritual on activation is necessary on the growing moon on Tuesday. Conduct a plot on a pin from the evil eye is not difficult. There are several effective ways – just choose the most suitable for you.

  • Fiery. After midnight, light a candle lit in the church and heat it with a pin-pin. The plot is read three times, each time dripping wax in the ear. Do not erase drops – they will go away by themselves. Text: “An angel, my protector, gifted by fate, from the evil eye of an eye and protect with your hand.”
  • Water. In glassware, pour well or spring water. Put the pin there. After a day, say the following words to the water: “Protect me with the point from the black evil eye, diabolical children and other contagions.”
  • Nodular. We need a woolen red thread. On that part of the amulet, which does not end with a needle, tie the thread with 12 knots. With each knot tied, you say: “Twelve forces, twelve shields will be blacked out, they will save from hatred and hatred. Take the knots of bad weather, misfortunes and other misfortunes. Become my amulet from minute to century. “
  • Rowan. Open the pin and gently string the dried rowan berries on the needle. There must be three. For each slander: “Rowan is red, rowanberry is strong, I got protection from the evil eye.”
  • Onion. Among the magical world of plants, onion is considered the strongest means, protecting from adversity. In a large and ripe onion stick a hairpin and read the slander: “Bow-wrestler, defending my crown, take away your evil allotments, turn the fucking away from me. Defend, protect, all adversities disgust. “

After the ritual, the spike should be pinned on clothes and worn. But behind the sharp defender, it is necessary to look after, periodically to check and well to look after.

Competent care for the amulet

If your English pin from the evil eye is ordinary, metallic – every 2-3 months it needs to be changed to a new one. Sometimes even more often, if you have undergone a powerful attack of negative energy. In this case, the point of the needle will turn black or oxidize.

The silver or gold pin from the evil eye can not blacken. Such amulets must be periodically cleaned to remove all negative energy that has accumulated. The procedure is as follows:

  • Wait for the full moon and remove your defender.
  • A gold or silver pin must be unbuttoned and released from all additional accessories (beads, strings).
  • Rinse thoroughly all parts of the amulet in flowing, cool water.
  • Place the hairpin in a glass with well or spring water for three days. In the container, put a few silver things (coins, ornaments).
  • Then remove the pin and pour it over with salt overnight.
  • The next morning, you need to wash the salt in the toilet bowl, or deeply dig into the ground.

But if your defender from the evil eye suddenly bends – it’s a sign that you were massively attacked by a negative, for example, an energy vampire. In this case, the hairpin must be changed urgently (even if it is gold).

The old, completely filled with black energy pin bite as deeply as possible (in this case, the evil eye will go to the ground without causing harm to anyone). Many advise in this procedure, three times to spit over the shoulder. That’s all. Wear your talisman and do not be afraid! After all, you are now securely and permanently protected from the worst damage.

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