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An alternative to plastic


To pull up the oval face, get rid of nasolabial folds or facial wrinkles, it is not necessary to lie under the knife.To maintain beauty and youth for a long time will help timely and regular care. The choice is limited only by the specific goals and financial capabilities of each.

It is impossible to name the exact age, in which visiting beauticians, as well as the carrying out of self-care procedures, should be regular. Some girls begin to carefully take care of themselves in 16 years, and some for the first time visiting a cosmetologist’s office only 50. It should be understood, that, the sooner you start to take care of your face, the longer will be able to remain young and beautiful.

Home SPA

Some age changes can be prevented and corrected independently, without leaving home. Contrast wash, mechanical peeling, massages, and masks – all these procedures are available to everyone. It is important to know, how to carry out the procedure, so as not to hurt yourself.


Modern cosmetology has reached a high level in its effectiveness and is in no way inferior to plastic surgery. Among the numerous methods for caring for the face and maintaining youthful skin are injecting, hardware and other procedures. The only minus is the cost, as well as the short duration of their action.


Gymnastics for the face – perhaps, one of the most reliable and useful options for maintaining beauty and youth. Facial muscles lose tonus with age, as a result of which the contours of the face gradually begin to drop, and the skin becomes flabby. With regular special exercises, you can train facial muscles of the face.

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