android vs ios
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Android vs iOS

The two biggest competitors in the mobile market today are Android and iOS. Each one of them has different features to offers. Here, we have focused on the major aspects of these two mobile operating systems.

  • Affordability

First of all, let’s talk about their affordability because the price is the only thing that people consider at the start. To be precise, Apple is not in the habit of manufacturing low budget devices. iPhones start from $400 and go up to $1000. On the other hand, Android phones are very much affordable for all. You can get an android phone even at $100 only. There are many brands manufacturing Android phones and thus there is a huge difference in their prices. So, when it comes to affordability, clearly Android is the winner.

  • Interface

iOS has a uniform display of all the devices. It has a clean and attractive interface. On the other hand, all the manufacturers of Android have something different to show. Hence, the interface is not that much uniform. Although you can customize the Android interface as per your own desire, when it comes to uniformity and cleanliness, Apple is much better than Android.

  • Applications

Both Android and iOS are good when it comes to the quality of applications. Both have almost the same number of apps in their stores. iOS is a more attractive option for developers and it is easier to develop iOS apps than Android apps. However, this trend has changed recently as Android market share has increased dramatically. If we talk about the free apps, GooglePlay Store surely has more free apps when compared to Apple AppStore. But when it comes to quality, iOS is the best. Hence, there is no particular winner in this regard.

  • Battery Life and Management

Another important consideration for the buyers is the battery life of the phone. Android shows you the battery at a glance and thus you can easily estimate how much power is left. It also allows battery optimization for different applications. Android phones also charge at a faster rate i.e. they can be charged as much as 50 percent in just half an hour.

On the other hand, Apple has recently introduced more detailed battery statistics. There is a low power mode as well, similar to the Android power saver mode. When compared to Android phones, iPhones come with smaller battery sizes and don’t charge at a fast rate.

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