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At what age should you become a mother: the opinion of scientists

An old mother “, her lips curl if the first child gives birth to a woman at age 35.” It was too early to tie myself to the house, I had to live for myself, “they say about 20-year-old mothers. When is the best time to start a first child?

According to Eurostat, the age of the “young mother” has increased over the past 20 years. Only half of the women in the EU became mothers for the first time before the age of 29. 40.6 percent of women prefer to have children under the age of 39. The average age of a young mother is 28 years. Medicine has prolonged the duration and quality of life of a person, but how much can it be entrusted to reproductive function?

From the point of view of science

Obstetricians-gynecologists and scientists constantly repeat: the younger the woman, the higher the probability that she will give birth to a healthy child and her body will not suffer much. Pregnancy is the time when the body of a girl is subjected to a heavy load. Therefore, the younger the girl, the faster she will recover after giving birth.

Researchers of the University. Erasmus of Rotterdam, 30 years old, analyzed data on pregnancies and childbirths of over 58,000 women. The result of the study was the so-called “fertility calculator” – a table where it is best for a woman to have a first child if she wants to become a mother twice or thrice. Dick Habbema, one of the researchers, said that his colleagues talked about the infidelity of the study due to its length in time. But the idea was to make up not only a “fertility calculator”, but also to collect information about generations with other values, knowledge about contraceptives. According to the calculations of the researchers, the more women want to have children, the sooner she must become a mother. If she dreams of a family, where three children – then in 23 years. If two – then up to 27 years.

However, in situations, if you want only one child, you can give birth to him and at a much later age. Well, if you do not want children at all … well, please.

What Historians Say

According to the population census of 1897, more than half of the brides in Russia were not older than 20 years. For a girl, this age was often 13-16 years. An unmarried girl at the age of 19 was already considered “old-fashioned”, 20-year-old brides and was completely rejected as “out-of-town women”, and 25-year-olds were even called “age-old”. According to these data it can be understood that before the girls became mothers almost immediately, as “they were ready for it physically” – that is, from the age of 13.

A woman in the XIX century, getting married in 16-20 years, became a mother every 2 years, while she was able to do it. She could give birth to 15 children, of whom not all 15 survived.

Nevertheless, we must also take into account the fact that before it was extremely difficult for girls to live without a husband and that means of contraception simply did not exist – and therefore it is not surprising that mothers became very early. Now the situation has changed dramatically, and the woman is fully able to provide for herself and take all the important decisions, including on whether to get her children or not and at what age, independently. In addition, psychiatrists now recognize the importance of paying attention to the proper upbringing of the child – and for this, it is necessary that the parents are firmly on their feet and are confident that they can take on this responsibility.

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