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Basic rules for sex in nature


Who tried to have sex on the street, I would say that this is no easy task. Those who have succeeded, I will add that to abandon such an idea is not worth it. In anticipation of the season of free love and an unexpected erotic adventure, repeat the basic rules of sex in nature. Take this memo on may kebabs, Sunday picnic, to the village to the grandmother or any summer date.

Choose a dangerous place, but not too much.

The beauty of sex in the fresh air is not even in the change of scenery, and the ability to be caught. In search of a suitable place, it is important to adequately assess his risk.

Part of the thrill is the risk of being caught, so choose a place that is public, but not obvious, advises sex coach Amy Levine. — It is better than it was more of a fantasy than actually meant the possibility of being caught.

In other words, if you decide to have sex behind the school, make sure that the lessons are over. As for public places that are empty at night, like the area near the monument to Lenin or benches in the Amusement Park, keep in mind that many communities are now working video surveillance system “Safe city”. And our father Lenin though not the departed, but such contamination would not have approved. Now go to specific locations and rules for using them in intimate ways.

On the beach

On the beach

Write down the recipe, or rather, tip: search for bare beach, and shrubs. The outdoor sandy beach is romantic, but there at any time of the day, there is some fisherman, nudist or street masturbator. It is not excluded that it will be one and the same person.

Choose a position in which you don’t have to lie on your back. From the sand in his vagina you most likely will not save any blanket, so always be on top.

In the water

In the water

This option for the most daring and desperate. On the way to an underwater orgasm, you will find some obstacles, but I will try to simplify them for you.

Sex in the sea or questionable ponds suggest to leave it as salty or dirty water, clearly not a friendly environment for your vagina. A good option — waterfall if it gets warm enough and deserted.

Perfect if you or your neighbors have a pool. Water has one distinct advantage – it facilitates the weight and makes you weightless, that gives space for experimenting with poses.

Remember that in a humid environment your body will be more difficult to distinguish natural lubrication, and the usual gel quickly washed away. Keep nearby a silicone based lubricant, it is much more stable.

Another important point: with the use of a condom in the water also have problems. It is better to practice such experiments with a reliable partner and don’t forget about other methods of contraception.

In the grass

In the grass

Forest are looking for sex more than other natural locations because here you will feel as safe as possible.

Don’t forget the repellent, but be careful to avoid contact with the sexual organs. Try a lubricant with mint flavor or citrus – these odors repel insects. Such a remedy is in any sex shop.

Do not give in to the urge to lie down in the grass, no matter how soft and pure it may seem. The best option is doggie style, drawing on the tree. This versatile pose for sex on nature, it is possible to make love even in the crater of the volcano and feel relatively safe.

Pre-take care of hygiene and have antiseptic and wipes.

For street sex, discreet try to choose poses that are not too clear about what you are doing. The simplicity of the movements compensates the thrill from the possibility of being caught. If you learn how to do the most relaxed person at this moment, you can practice sex at a rally, sale at the Mall or in the subway.

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