Biochemists from the United States created a “nanodrol” for the destruction of cancer cells


Scientists at the American University of Glasgow have discovered a new method that will get rid of cancer cells in a short time. Scientists believe that their method can be much more effective than other previously announced. Currently, most anti-cancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy) work by killing cancer cells. Therapy triggers a specific process called apoptosis, which activates proteins called caspases, which leads to cell death.

But with apoptosis, therapy often does not allow to kill all cancer cells, which leads to a relapse of the disease. If you destroy cancer cells using the Independent of Apoptosis Cell Kill (CICD), cells release inflammatory proteins that irritate the immune system and provoke it to fight more actively the remnants of malignant organics, writes T-Human.

Meanwhile, colleagues of these biochemists – a large team of scientists led by James Tour of the University of Rice – have presented a nanomachine that will help to defeat cancer by “hacking” and “drilling” the membranes of tumor cells, NakedScience reports.

Basically, the structure of this molecular complex really repeats an ordinary electric drill. The basis is a fixed stator, which is fixed to the membrane by “struts”. The effect of ultraviolet rays starts the rotor, and it starts to rotate at a speed of 2-3 million revolutions per second, literally dripping through the cell membranes and leaving open pores.

Laboratory experiments have shown that in the cells of human kidney tissues “in vitro” such nanodevices leave openings in a minute, after which they perish. Moreover, scientists can modify the functional groups on the stator of the nanomachine so that they are attached only to certain structures on the cell membranes. This allows you to make them selective and attack only certain types of cells. Devices have already successfully destroyed prostate cancer cells, but almost did not damage normal fibroblasts of mice.

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