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Scientists: the brain uses several sites in the process of creative activity

Austrian scientists from Graz University named after Karl and Franz, together with colleagues from the US and China, discovered that when a person’s creative activity, his brain activates several sites at once.

The results of the study reported the newspaper Wiener Zeitung.

Data from functional magnetic resonance imaging showed that for effective information processing the brain simultaneously attracts several specialized areas. “There is not a single creative site in the brain,” says Andreas Fink, a neuroscientist at the Institute of Differential Psychology at Graz University.

Fink and his colleagues studied the ability of the experiment participants to think creatively while performing small and time-limited tasks. For example, when asked what can be done with a can, the subjects answered that it can be opened, eat its contents, tie it to a wedding car, and make a simple phone or an hourglass out of it.

Some of the 164 “test subjects” who gave the most original answers formed strong links between brain regions, which usually function independently of each other or even perform opposite tasks. The observed connections, on the one hand, play an important role in the process of dreaming and when a person is at rest, and on the other hand, they exercise control and memory functions. However, in subjects with predictable ideas, on the contrary, scattered links were observed.

“We also wanted to know whether it is possible to predict the creativity of people in an independent sample,” said Dr. Matthias Benedek of the University of Graz. “As it turns out, creative people have a more pronounced connection: the respective sites work together, even more, form stronger ways. predict the results. “

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