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Breadcrumbing: how to understand that the guy is using you?

Breadcrumbing: Girls often turn to us in the magazine with a request to help sort out the causes of men’s actions: why it all kind of shows that he likes me, but not calling out. Then showered with compliments, then ignores. Leads romantic conversation without the slightest hint of a meeting.

Today let’s talk about another kind of illogical behaviour on the part of the boys breadcrumbing. The term is new, but the situation he describes, you are probably familiar.

As explains Associate Professor of psychology and human development, University of California Kelly Campbell, breadcrumbing is when people in social networks purposely mislead you that your romantic relationship. Understand why guys do and how to respond to such behaviour.

How to understand that you have become a victim of breadcrumbing


Immediately understand that the guy is manipulating your emotions is almost impossible. It is not rude, does not mean your relationship is nothing unambiguous and behave benevolently. However, there are some signs to communicate, which give breadcrumbbar.

It’s making less effort to be there than you

He says he wants to meet and even arranges specific dates, but at the last moment cancels out. This person creates the appearance that busy all the time. It may disappear for some time. However, he always regretted that the meeting did not take place, and confident that next time it will work.

You never know what is the level of your relationship


As noted by Campbell, Breadcrumbs are inconsistent and unpredictable in expressing their interest in you. Now you are almost certain that he is in love, then you are clearly aware that you are being tweaked. One example of this behaviour is when a guy answers your messages for a long time.

You can’t understand or explain his actions

After correspondence with him, you often feel confused or upset. And generally trying to understand what is happening, takes more time than communication itself.

Why he does it

According to experts, the exact cause of breadcrumbing may vary. However, there are several psychological models that explain why people choose this style of communication.

Raises self-esteem


Self-esteem of breadcrumbed affected by how much attention he gets from other people. The more interesting it is to others, the better applies to yourself.

Such a person is not confident, even if he behaves safely. To feel comfortable, he needed constant confirmation of self-worth.

He’s a narcissist

Often bridgemary suffer from narcissism and superficial attitude towards others. They don’t feel guilty that manipulate others and play with people’s emotions. So to appeal to the conscience and to explain breadcrumbed that he does not do so, it is meaningless.

He’s bored in the relationship

Sometimes manipulative behaviour tends men who already have a relationship. It may be suburbia but still seek attention elsewhere. It is not that the guy is not happy in the relationship, just he is bored and breadcrumbing is not cheating.

How to respond to breadcrumbing

respond to breadcrumbing

There is no universal way to avoid manipulation because to understand the true intentions of the guy can only be in the process of communication. But there is something that will help you to be free from the influence of Bredkrambert – self-esteem.

Many girls continue to communicate with those who use them, not because they are too stupid to realize what was happening. They hope that he was wrong, and I expect the guy the plunge. Common sense tells them – what the man will attend if I’m not interested in him? Unfortunately, many guys follow the precepts of Valery Meladze: “And let my actions were not logic, I don’t know how to live differently.”

The best thing you can do to understand that you are using, and to say goodbye to these people without regrets is to work on yourself. Take care of yourself, do what I love, and appreciate your time. So you show an example of how you should treat others.

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