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Check list: 9 signs that orgasm does not shine for you

If before the female orgasm was not a mandatory condition during sex, but now media broadcast the idea that it’s not your fault that you have no orgasm. Of course, in the highest point of pleasure, there are many nuances, including the trust between partners and the right atmosphere. But you can pay attention to some bad habits that separate you from orgasm, and get rid of them makes you.

1. You think only about his pleasure

You think only of his pleasure

Perhaps instead of focusing on their own feelings, you keep thinking that “it’s time to move on and it is inconvenient for him”, or trying to understand, not boring your partner.

The stereotypes that only a man should enjoy in oral sex, is still strong. Women often feel obliged to please the partner but did not think about what will get in return. Haven’t you enough already that partner chose you, and no matter whether he is going to think about your pleasure?

2. You have untreated diseases

Any disease, sexually transmitted diseases have the serious influence on the processes in the genital organs, and it can easily lead to disorders. In addition, the ability to orgasm is influenced by neurological diseases and problems with the endocrine system.

At the same time, if you use drugs, for example, to lower blood pressure, antihistamines or antidepressants, they also somehow affect your ability to have fun. In this case, it is necessary to discuss the replacement of the drug with your doctor.

3. You’re under stress and not focused.

You're under stress and not focused

We live in a culture of multitasking, and our brains are so accustomed to what is in overload, it seems impossible to relax and focus on one thing. Can you think of a special mantra that will help you focus during sex is to tell yourself “Yes, I digress, but I will focus on your pleasure.” Try slow, deep breaths to help you relax and feel your body.

4. You have a hypersensitive clitoris.

Too much stimulation can also damage your pleasure. In some women, the clitoris has so many nerve endings that any touch causes pain. In this situation, you should choose the posture in which he is not affected, a lubricant, and also inform your partner that such affection is unwanted.

5. You are under alcohol

You are under alcohol

Despite the stimulating effect, alcohol reduces the body’s sensitivity in the body, and any sensations — both painful and pleasant. In a state of intoxication, the occurrence of orgasm is delayed or absent. In addition, if you have sex drunk, you can even get injured and not notice it.

6. You do not attach importance to orgasm.

If for a long time you didn’t have an orgasm, faked or just didn’t attach much importance — most likely, you have ceased to count on it, and then catch the right mood and stimulate specific points. I’m afraid a miracle will happen, too many factors must come together. Another important aspect is the lack of discussion about the importance of pleasure in mass culture — by 2018, we learned how to discuss only violence.

7. You have a porn addiction

You have a porn addiction

The more orgasms you get from viewing pornography, the more likely that you’re already sexually satiated, and this, in turn, provokes the Coolidge effect — the tendency to get tired of regular partners. Girls who used to watch porn or erotic movies are often confronted with immunity to the old preferences and look for more new kinks, and therefore, no longer to reach orgasm with regular partners.

8. You constantly simulate

Unfortunately, in numerous studies of sexologist, it was shown that 50 to 70% of women fake orgasms to spare the feelings of your partner or quickly finish sex. Once accustomed to one role, you can get stuck in the idea that nothing good is not going to happen, and begin to accept it as a reality. In reality, trust between partners is an important factor that affects orgasm and discussing it, you will be able to jointly seek ways to achieve your pleasure.

9. You do not know what gives you pleasure.

You do not know what gives you pleasure

If you can’t hear your body, not trying to explore and not looking for a nice point — most likely an orgasm you are not in danger. All the ancient sexual practices were aimed at research bodies, the creation of intimacy and the merging of mind and body — so it makes sense to try to look for something that you really enjoy.

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