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Ecological separation: how to end a relationship


Ecological separation: The perfect separation is when you and your partner at the same time have cooled to each other, realize you are not on the road and went without much emotion and negativity. It is a pity that in life there are other ways to break the non-reciprocal love or irresolvable conflict. Even in the complex case, it is possible to make the separation has taken you both less pain. Tell us what the eco-friendly way out of that relationship and how to apply it to different situations.

What is an Ecological separation

Eco-care is when you give of yourself, or partner to regret, feelings of guilt or resentment. You have to part without mutual insults and recriminations, it will help you both to recover faster and return to normal life. Understand that eco-friendly care can be only one. If you regularly come and go is an unhealthy form of separation.

There are three types of eco-friendly care. They depend on the reasons for the separation. Will tell you how to act in each of them.

When you fell out of love

fell out of love

Before Separation

  • Think about the logistics. If you live together, it significantly complicates the care. After a conversation, you’ll both be too emotional to discuss who will go where and to divide the property. Think in advance where you will live the first time – moving in with parents, stay with friends. Finally, assemble things can come later when you both calm down. There is nothing worse than to tell the guy to leave and stay with him to sleep under the same roof.
  • Get ready to the feelings on both sides. It is impossible to predict how a guy will react to the news of the breakup. No matter how solid you think the decision, at the time of the talk you too will be hurt. Try to prepare yourself for these emotions that you have not lost your composure.
  • Tell it to a few friends in advance. You may want to pre-warn most people about your solution or do it immediately after the conversation. You both need support.

During a breakup

  • Be direct. Most importantly – do not try to be better than you are. Tell the truth, no matter how rude it may seem. Frankly, I didn’t love it, there is no way to restore that relationship. Even if you are not sure until the end, you don’t have to leave the partner hope. No “let’s stay friends”, “you deserve better” and other soothing things. The stiffer and more specifically the gap, the faster it will get rid of the emotional attachment to you.
  • Stick to your decisions regardless of the situation. The hardest part of the breakup on their own initiative – to show the will. He might start to cry, convince, threaten, try to buy time and delay the final break.

After a breakup

  • Tell your friends and family. To announce the breakup better as soon as possible – you have to burn all the bridges. Explain that this is not a quarrel and the final break. If you don’t want to go into details, tell me about it directly. It is more important to maintain your emotional comfort, not to satisfy someone’s curiosity.
  • Do not give in to doubt. Regret the breakup – that’s OK because you lost a part of his life. But doubts don’t mean what you did was wrong. In any case, give yourself some time and don’t rush to go back.

When you stop loving someone

stop loving someone

Before Parting

  • Get rid of illusions. When it comes to family life, men are often passive and do not hurry to break the boring relationship. It is easier to move away and live your life while maintaining home comfort. If you know that the partner does not value you, do not console themselves with the thought that it is still possible to build while he’s there. To make this type of separation environmentally friendly, you should concentrate on your recovery and raising self-esteem.

During a breakup

  • Avoid recriminations. If you still have feelings – it makes no sense to hide it and play the indifference. Tell him you love him, but will not play in one of the gates. Don’t blame him and keep goodwill. From your reaction depends on how he will remember you.
  • Take responsibility for your decision. If a man is passive, he may end up denying that the cause of the breakup in his dislike of you. Don’t fall for phrases like “it’s your decision”, “if you want it, come on.” You can’t deny that this is your initiative and conscious choice.

After a breakup

  • Regain your emotional and mental health. This is the most important in green care. Helps all distractions: new friends, classes, travel.
  • Avoid all contact with him. Not only personal but also in social networks. Remove from friends and hold from the desire to monitor his page.

When there is unresolved conflict

unresolved conflict

Before Parting

  • Give both of you a chance to fix it. It so happens that the feelings of both, but in a relationship, there is an obstacle that you cannot tolerate: him flirting with other girls, reluctance to work or other issues. The gap should not be impulsive. Share your feelings and talk about the thoughts to end the relationship in order for the partner it was not a surprise.
  • Don’t try to manipulate. Don’t use your resignation as a way to resolve the conflict. You both have to believe that the breakup is final. Then he can assess the situation and decide whether he is prepared to lose you.

During a breakup

  • Tell me what you feel. Here works the same rule as that for other types of eco-friendly parting – be positive and honest. Tell him you love him, and apologize for the fact that you can’t change your nature and accepting what’s stopping you.
  • Speak condition, which can not accept. Blaming the partner is not necessary, but clearly verbalize the reason for your gap is.

After a breakup

  • Realize that you did all you could. Don’t torture yourself with the thought that sooner surrendered, that it was necessary to wait, and then it can be corrected. Did you do all that depends on you? If a response is not forthcoming, and it doesn’t fix the cause of the conflict, then the more it makes no sense to run the trail.
  • Do not rush to go back. Your eco-friendly care may become the motivation to resolve the conflict. But if it was a toxic relationship, it’s better for you not to return to them.

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