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Faithful signs that a woman wants a man

This is what you have to be to not understand that a woman wants a man ?! On the other hand, women are known to be the most mysterious creatures on this planet. And sometimes a man engaged in a career, not to understand the first time, “what exactly she meant.” After all, when a woman says “no” – this could mean “maybe not today?”, Etc. They are “contradictory and sudden”.

Red lipstick

Even the most hardened “botanist” and introvert must be alerted if a familiar woman (girlfriend, colleague) began to use bright red lipstick in the style of M. Monroe. Especially, if earlier to make-up, in general, was indifferent. Red is the color of passion, and the emphasis on the lips is a sign of high libido if you believe old Freud.

Red lipstick

“Shooting with Eyes”

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. And they can give a strong desire. Therefore, even the notorious “shooting eyes” (in the corner-on the nose-on the subject) is still working. If an unfamiliar woman looks at you for a long time (in a cafe, at a resort) – most likely, she is not against the acquaintance. If a well-known woman “eats your eyes,” – most likely she just is not against.

Shooting with Eyes

Erotic smoking

Always pay attention to how a woman smokes in your presence. If she does this carelessly and while talking a lot, then she really just wants to smoke. But if she is mysteriously silent, deep drags on, casts languid looks at you, and holds a cigarette in aesthetic (like in a movie) – this is a sign that she does not breathe properly to you.

Erotic smoking

Laugh at no reason

Guess that a woman wants a man can easily be by some nuances of her behavior in the presence of a “desired object.” For example, you are not, honestly, the “soul of the company” and “shirt-guy” with a 100% sense of humor. But here’s a certain Masha (Lena, Katya), laughing uncontrollably, even over the most “bearded” anecdotes in your performance. What does it say? That’s right, about this.

Laugh at no reason

Always “for”

Another illustrative example is that if a woman suddenly starts supporting you always and in everything (even in obvious nonsense). Take a closer look at your work colleague if she suddenly defends your whole team against your obviously unsuccessful project. Perhaps, thus, it gives you to understand that only she understands you and can make you happy.

Always for

Better than a lawyer

Another feminine manifestation of ambiguous sympathy is the desire to protect and patronize. (A kind of superfluous maternal instinct, but perhaps you are just from the category of men who need a “Mom woman”?) If the GIBBD inspector stops you for speeding, and you do not even have time to open your mouth, as a friend throws at him like a breast Frost on the enemy bunker, then make the right conclusions.

Better than a lawyer

The telephone siege

The times of Tatyana Larina, ashamed of her letter to a man, have long since sunk into oblivion. Today, women, as a rule, call and write first (not letters but SMS). But if for some time now a woman whom you considered to be just a friend (classmates her, colleague) more often calls you without any reason, so she is looking for an occasion to meet!

The telephone siege

Culinary aphrodisiacs

Well, who does not know that the way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach? But here, not everything is simple. If your friend often spoils you not with borscht with the cutlets of your own preparation, and all sorts of delights (like oysters, celery salad or avocado stuffed with shrimps), be prepared that you are obviously waiting for sexual feats.

Culinary aphrodisiacs

A course for rapprochement?

According to psychologists, that the woman wants a man clearly speaks the language of her body. If in a conversation with you a woman constantly strives to touch you (pat on the hand, blow off the “dust particle” from the lapel of the jacket, etc.) … If she aspires as often as possible to touch you with her foot (or other parts of the body) as if ” accidentally “… If she unobtrusively corrects something on her chest, drawing your attention to this pretty zone … In general, then everything is in your hands!

A course for rapprochement

What do you think?

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Written by Hannah

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