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Gatsbying, stalking and other creepy things you do when in love


Nothing so quickly returns your youth as love. In this case, saying “youth”, I mean “stupidity”. Sympathy for another person makes us do stupid things, and here are just some of them. If you think nobody notices, you will be disappointed.



A new day is a new trend. I already talked about such an unpleasant thing in the behaviour of a guy, like bradkrambing. Now let’s talk about the actual female way to attract attention – gatsbying.

If you read Fitzgerald or at least saw a film with Carey Mulligan and Toby Maguire in the title role, you know that the name Gatsby is associated with stormy parties. According to the plot, the protagonist rolled them to attract the attention of the beloved, who lived nearby.

Now gatsbying called behaviour when a person deliberately creates an event to attract the attention of who he likes. Simply put, instead of directly writing to the guy that you want to meet, you roll up a party and hope that he will come to her. Or put it in the story’s history so that he can see them.

Another way to attract the attention of a guy who’s well known, – as if by chance to be in the place where he so often is. It’s romantic, but only in the movies. In the life of such random collisions often look unnatural and Intrusive.

Internet Stalking

Internet stalking

Follow his page on the Internet is a real pandemic.

One thing to check is the social network unfamiliar guy to know him better before Dating. We are even told how to do it.

But in the case of Internet stalking, we are not talking about a harmless desire to know whether to waste time on this man, and about the persecution. Know all the avatars of his friends, to seek out his photo on their pages, history tracking and geolocation to know where and with whom he spends time. But some guys are so selfish that almost do not appear online for years and have not posted anything new.

Rehearse your conversations

To come up with a conversation with the man to trifles – my favourite thing. There he says stupid phrases like “you got a face with a sauce for Shawarma” or “add detail on the Benz”. Here I will tell the ambiguous joke with a romantic subtext, and here the mysterious smile. He, of course, appreciate my sense of humour and will give in response to something intriguing.

Better than this can be only to come up with dialogues in disputes or mentally to explain to the guy how you feel. What with the fact that none of these conversations left the confines of my head, but how many wonderful moments I spent in these imaginative dialogues. Although, perhaps, it sounds a bit like paranoia.

Analyzed each text

Analyzed each text

Post on social networks, comment in public, status, messages for you. The main idea of love with a person, what he had in mind? A hint is visible to anyone fleetingly thrown phrase, song or picture.

It is important not only what he wrote, but how quickly he reads your posts and responds to them. I wish I could see what he was doing at the moment: driving or lying in front of a computer and intentionally ignores you.

Are you looking for in all this is that we want to see signs of sympathy for you. But trust me, if a guy really has feelings, so no need for veiled allusions to say about it.

Try his name

It slips into your mind from nowhere. At least for the moment, even the most reasonable of us presented himself with the name of a potential boyfriend. I’m not talking about very Horny girls who have time to figure out how they will sign with a new name, right after the man gave her coffee.

Too loud, laugh at his jokes

Each new burst of laughter you scream about how you’re interested this guy. Great if he does have a great sense of humour. But, if you’re the only one responding to his jokes with laughter, you should think about the extent of his adequacy.

What do you think?

Hannah Veteran

Written by Hannah

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