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How do movies distort our view of sex?

Films give us many useful lessons, but what of them certainly do not need to learn, so it is in sex. When we see a man in a bat suit jumping from a skyscraper and landing without a single scratch, it’s obvious to everyone that this is fiction. But when the guy throws the girl on the office table, they are 30 seconds engaged in passionate sex and end up with a simultaneous orgasm – many believe that it can be repeated in life. Heroine collected erotic stereotypes from popular films. Take a look at sex, which you will never have.

1. Orgasm comes very quickly

The filmmaker gets an orgasm instantly and necessarily simultaneously with the partner. On the screen, you do not often see how a guy sweats for another 30 minutes, trying to get the girl to enjoy. This stereotype completely confuses the already meager ideas of men about the female orgasm. Because of him, many guys underestimate the importance of foreplay, and girls feel inferior if they can not quickly culminate.

2. You can have sex on any surface

With a light movement of the hand, you look like dishes from the kitchen table, a kettle, a multi-bar – the bed is ready. Dropping from the narrow window sill flower pots on the floor, jumping on it – umm, how cozy. If you believe the films, the female tailbone has an amazing ability to be built into any surface. A small ledge in the wall is enough to hang on it and be given to the partner. Sex on wooden furniture and household appliances is fine. But let’s not pretend that it’s as simple as it seems, and if you’re not ready to surrender to someone on the railing at the entrance, then you’re boring.

3. There are no unnecessary movements

unnecessary movements

The bra is unfastened from one glance, and you smoothly undress each other on the way to the room. He does not step on your foot, does not pull out a clump of your hair, clinging to them with a button on his sleeve. You are moving cooler than synchronists in the Olympics. What will the judges say? In life, this does not happen. Sex is full of ridiculous moments like vaginal gas, seizures from a long stay in one position or a sudden fit of laughter that spoils the whole thing. But the proximity of this does not become less desirable.

4. No one uses condoms

Has anyone seen how a typical movie hero fumbles in his pockets in search of a condom, long rustles the wrapper and grunts, trying to squeeze his treasure into the latex shell, while the partner stiffened in a wait-and-see pose with her panties down? And as the heroine asks, does the guy have a certificate from the venereologist? Even if there are such films, they are exactly several times smaller than the pictures in which people wanted to spit for protection. To interrupt passionate kisses by talking about gonorrhea or night running to a pharmacy is somehow not romantic.

5. People tear at each other’s clothes

If someone in a fit of passion broke my best dress – he would be dead. Have you seen the prices in the stores? No orgasm is worth the money!

But for people from films, clothing means nothing. Something I do not remember that after the movie show the girl sewed the buttons back on the shirt.

6. Sex is mostly in the missionary position

If this is not porn, sex in movies is no different. The doggie-style has a bad reputation for violence, and for sex, by mutual consent, it remains missionary. Orgasm without penetration, cunnilingus and other forms of intimacy, directors, as a rule, ignore, if the plot is not built on this. Homosexual intimacy on the screens is also not the most common thing. The fact that even the frankest scenes can be beautiful and romantic, last year showed Luke Guadagnino, having shot the film “Call me by your name.” Best of all about the features of this picture said the performers of the main roles – Armie Hammer and Timothee Shalane.

What do you think?

Hannah Veteran

Written by Hannah

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