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How often do people actually have sex?


When you think how often you have sex, you may have different questions. How much should it be? And how many times do friends do it? Do relationships deteriorate without sex? Here is what you can learn about the “average temperature in the hospital.”

The frequency of sex is just one parameter of intimate life. Quality, duration, satisfaction are also important. But all the same, the easiest way is to measure the number of acts.

The most frequent answer

In a study involving 26,000 Americans, the average number was this – 54 times a year, that is, about once a week. It turned out that this is 9 times less than in the similar study of 1990. Participation was made by lonely, meeting, married and living together. Married couples were named 51 times a year.

The happiest answer about sex

Are couples happy from sex once a week? Some believe that much depends on the frequency, but a survey of 30,000 Americans on the connection of these concepts showed quite another. Yes, people are happy with this scenario, but those who have sex 2, 3 or more times a week are not happier. And then what are those whose intimate life is less intense?

The most difficult answer

Couples with rare sex are less happy. But it is important to take into account that “rarity” has a graduation. 16% of the 6,029 participants in another poll said they did not have sex for more than a month! And another 15% – longer than six months. By the way, a marriage without sex experts calls the relationship, in which there are less than 10 sexual acts per year.

If it turns out that there is not enough sex in your life, do not get upset. The most important thing for sex to like – it’s much better than doing it every day, but without interest. Also, it is necessary to take into account the circumstances: exhausting work, small children, decreased libido – only part of the reasons why you can make love less often than usual.

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