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How to achieve orgasm without penetration

The fact that sex necessarily involves penetration is just a stereotype. Ways to get an orgasm much more. In addition, we, the girls, penetration is not so important at all, because all sensitive endings are concentrated on the outer part of the vagina and the clitoris. I’ll tell you about sex techniques that can be your most sensual love experience.

1. Petting of the upper zones of the body

Petting of the upper zones of the body

Kind of petting, in which the partners caress each other only above the waist, also called necking. It is a good way to learn sensitivity to each other and find your body’s erogenous zones, which you do not suspect.

The standard point of pleasure: the Breasts, stomach, neck, ears, but it could be any other place.

To reach orgasm this way it is possible, but I have to try. In the case of necking, orgasm should not be the goal here for a long period of enjoyment is more important than the momentary ecstasy.

Start with massage touch hands, and then connect the lips and tongue. For sufficiently long stimulation you can experience an orgasm without penetration.

Choose an edible massage oil with aphrodisiac and pleasant aroma, not to limit their movements. It enhances the senses and warms the body. Apply on the skin partner a little oil, get some on him, and your man will feel a pleasant heat stimulating.

2. Breast sex

Breast sex

That’s clinical and not exciting, but how else to describe the situation when a guy puts his penis between your Breasts?

In this case, a large part of the pleasure had come to him, so it may be only a part of the love game. Lay back and squeeze your chest with your hands. The guy should be on top.

Do not worry that your curves are not so curvy. In this sex the important guy’s fantasy, so enough of themselves to touch the breast.

Use a stimulating gel that can be applied anywhere.

3. Contact with the hips

contact with the hips

Another option of sex with friction. It simulates the penetration and pleasure for both of you.

You squeeze the hips, and the partner penetrates between the front or the back. His penis stimulates your main erogenous zones — inner thighs and labia.

Second place: you get a partner and move your hips, simulating penetration.

If you will pay enough attention to foreplay, the sex will bring a more vivid sense than usual.

Don’t forget the lubricant, which will improve glide and increase the sensitivity.

4. Stimulation in clothing

Stimulation in clothing

Petting over the clothes is incredibly exciting kind of sex for those who are not in a hurry. Such affection delays the onset of climax, but, as we have said, delayed orgasm significantly more powerful than normal.

You do not have to create a situation in which it is impossible to undress to jump into the bus to take tickets in the back rows of the cinema. Although the danger of being caught intensifies the intimate experience.

Your movements should be strong enough to feel the stimulation.

Not every caress through clothes can bring to orgasm. In this case, they are still worth a try as a prelude.

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