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How to become sexier without sex training

Become sexier without sex training: With today’s girls almost no longer ashamed to discuss Frank topics: now we know that to orgasm is not so simple as saying the logs easy to develop a dozen positions, in which you can get maximum enjoyment, and are not afraid to discuss gender inequality in oral sex.

What are we missing with all these studies with his own sexuality — the basic principle on which it works at all, namely the dual control.

This idea was formulated by Eric Jansen and John Bancroft in the late 90s when research in Institute Kinsey research institution that studies human sexuality. This system can be described as what happens to us when excited, and how to manage it. The principle of its operation will be helpful to understand to anyone who wants to get as much pleasure from sex and not to resort to sex training.

Imagine that your entire body works on the principle of pressing on the accelerator and brake pedals: in this way, your sexual response also depends on two components.



Gas is a system of sexual arousal that receives information from what is happening around.

Your partner comes to you closer, you catch his scent, hear his voice, which seems nice, and the brain sends a signal to your genitals that it is time to turn on the excitement. The system operates continuously, looking for sexual factors around, but you don’t notice it working until sheer exhilaration.



The system of sexual repression, on the contrary, continuously analyzes the environment looking for signals that can be used as a pretext to suppress the excitation. It helps your body not to get upset at the wrong moment, for example, during the presentation of the annual report or at dinner with their parents.

Unfortunately, the signals for braking can be much greater than for excitation. To ruin the fun maybe like stress at work and fear of unplanned pregnancy or that you will hear the neighbours, you won’t get an orgasm, he thinks you are ugly — any of these factors significantly impedes the excitement to grow, and fun to approach.

How to achieve balance?

How to achieve balance

In order to get sexual pleasure, it makes sense to balance the two systems so that they are allowed to go further. You can adjust any of the systems, though separately, though together. Someone much more important to reduce the stressors, someone will be critical to increase the prelude and its related factors of pleasant excitement.

To determine how strong the incentives get both mechanisms, you can answer simple questions:

  • Can you feel sexual arousal, if the situation is not perfect?
  • Unplanned items that can destroy your excitement?
  • Do you really want to trust your partner to be excited?
  • If you lose the passion if you’re worried about not being able to achieve orgasm?

If you answered all questions “Yes”, it is likely that your system suppresses the excitation is easily driven by external negative factors.

  • Can you get excited from the smell of one person?
  • Excites you monitoring partner, where he shows his talents and skills?
  • Excites you the ability to have sex in an unusual place?
  • If you think about someone attractive is easy if you come to this?
  • Gets you to know someone feels sexual desire towards you?

This part of the questions allows you to understand how important you are to stimulatory factors.


It is important to understand that such questions have not been formulated to make you suddenly discovered that your brain super potency or does not take any stimulation. Different people have the different sensitivity of the systems of excitation and suppression, and there are no established “norms” for different systems. Matters only the fact that balancing between these two mechanisms, you can have fun.

Acquired knowledge on their own model of sexual response should definitely apply in practice. You can’t change the mechanisms themselves is something with which you were born. But you can change what these pedals react, for example, to remove the risk of pregnancy or getting an STD by using condoms, which in turn will cease to repress your sexuality.

You can also increase the factors that influence the arousal, to change the situation in the apartment, to change the body or just allocate in your schedule enough time to be with your partner without the sexual context.

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