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How to become sexy?

First of all, let’s determine who can be considered sexy. As a rule, these are people who make us want – whom we would like to possess. And not necessarily in an intimate sense, sometimes it is enough just to communicate, spend some time together, and even just stand next to each other. How to become sexy, that is, desirable for the man of your dreams? There are several simple but effective techniques.

Methods to become sexy

Visualization of the object. Any sexual image or character will do. You can, for example, imagine yourself as a sexy beauty like Dita von Teese or Pamela Anderson, or you can not go personal, just choose a certain image that personally seems to you the height of sexuality-hetaera, geisha or ladies of the Parisian demimonde of the time of Balzac.

Moreover, it is not necessary to dress accordingly, especially since in some cases it will look not only inappropriate but also ridiculous. It is quite enough just to imagine that you look exactly like this, and not otherwise. For example, I have a client-a modest, intelligent woman, a good mother of a family of about fifty, who in difficult situations, when the decision of her question depends on a man, presents herself as a kind of a diva in latex with a whip in her hands. Believe it or not, it solves all the problems very easily.

The Method Of Vivien Leigh. Those who are not sure of their fantasy, and who can not do without material confirmation of their own sexuality, can use the Vivien Leigh method. Film historians tell about how the Director of the film “gone with the wind” Victor Fleming in the most dramatic – military – scenes, when the Atlanta set collapsed and burned, forced the actress to wear thin lace underwear under a dirty torn dress. “But no one will see him!” “It will be felt!” replied Fleming.

In any outfit and in any situation, Lee’s character, Scarlett, had to look sexy and seductive. And this technique is proof of how something that others do not see works for our image. You can wear a strict office suit or a modest dress, put on seductive underwear with lace, ribbons, and bows, will make you sexy – subconsciously you will behave in such a way that men will simply not be able to remain indifferent: “And there is something in her!” That’s what we wanted, isn’t it?

Power of thought. You can use the method of the Monkey from the cartoon “38 parrots“, which said: “I have a thought, and I think it.” When communicating with a man to whom you are not indifferent, turn over in your head some “indecent” thought, for example: “I can imagine having sex with you – it’s so great!” A thought can be anything, as long as it brings you sensual pleasure. The man will definitely feel it, and he will have a response. A woman who “thinks” these things in front of a man is damned attractive to him, even though sometimes he doesn’t know why. But there are many things in our lives that we don’t understand. The main thing is the result, and it is, as they say, present.

What do you think?

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Written by Hannah

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