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And so to avoid the huffs and puffs from the people’s mouths, put off by his repetitive coughs, Johnny suppressed this last cough. And then in the spontaneity of the moment…” uh uh uh”…there was a big cough. He could hold it in no longer.

Haven’t we all been that “Johnny” at least once or twice in our lives? When you wanted so badly to suppress that cough in the middle of a conversation? Or when you didn’t want to disturb the sound of silence with the sound of your noisy cough? Perhaps if the coughs were coupled with phlegm and sneezes, the cougher might at least find solace in the fact that folks around may empathize with his conspicuous predicament (what is called a wet cough).

With dry coughs, there is no phlegm or sputum production. A cough then is faced with the trouble of justifying his or her abrupt disturbance of public peace and quiet, if it ever does happen to disturb the serenity of the moment. Dry coughs can occur as a reaction of the body to the inhalation of smoke, pollen grains, or any other thing the victim may be allergic to.Or from health problems like asthma. The cougher usually feels a tingle in the throat, and then there comes the impulsive compulsion to cough his or her way out.

Since we are all bound to find ourselves “Johnnys” to dry coughs, it’s prudent to know some tip bits on how to combat this inevitable predicament, lest it unexpectedly rears its ugly head and we find ourselves unprepared.

Ginger, Garlic, Cinnamon, and Honey are the Cougher’s Friends:

A warm drink or tea or even water with some ginger or garlic or cinnamon or honey in it is widely known to curb dry coughs, or at least reduce the intensity to the barest minimum. This also helps to moisten the throat and reduce any inflammation or pain. For effective treatment, it should be taken at least twice a day.

Warm Salt Water Goggles

This remedy has also proven to be very useful, especially because of the fact that it moistens the throat and allays any tickling sensation or urge to cough. A gaggle before bed and right after one wakes up should do the trick.

Throat lozenges and Vaporubs

To those that don’t have a hard time to go the chemical way, throat lozenges and vaporous can also be used as remedies to dry coughs. It is advised, however, to take the tablets as prescribed by a physician.

There are many other methodical ways to get rid of dry coughs, I’d make mention of them in subsequent posts pertaining to this subject. The dear reader is however advised to visit a certified physician if coughs persist after applying these treatment methods. So long!

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