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How to have sex and not harm the environment

Each of us alone decides what method of contraception to use during sex, as well as some eco-friendly habits, should start if you’re worried about the future of the world around them. By practising conscious consumption, you have probably thought about how harmful your habits are in relation to health, and today we will figure out what you can change in your sexual sphere in order to be more careful with the environment.



Cotton, from which linens are usually made, are grown using pesticides that seriously damage the environment: from the pollution of streams to the poisoning of entire areas. A bamboo sheet or linen made from organic cotton is much more pleasant, and this is an occasion to think about changing the sleeping textile.

Refusing electricity and switching to candles is another reason to arrange romantic evenings more often. Choose soy candles or products based on beeswax – unlike paraffin, they do not make chemicals.

To increase libido, you can use natural aphrodisiacs – organic vegetables and fruits, as well as chocolate. In addition, it is not necessary to buy hundreds of sets of lace underwear – it can be postponed for special occasions. Who needs lace and silk, if both of you are naked in the near future?



If you care about the environment, this does not mean that in the sphere of sex you should use the rule “rinse, use again, send for processing”, here it does not work. But you can add awareness to your choice by learning about how many types of barrier contraception exist in terms of the degree of biodegradability.

  • Latex condoms – in spite of the fact that latex is made of wood, manufacturers have time to add to it other chemicals, which means that the final product is not biodegradable.
  • Polyurethane condoms – of course, objects made from plastic also do not have the properties of decomposition. However, they are great for people with allergies, not to mention that they feel thinner and better conduct heat.
  • Condoms FC2 – sometimes this category of protection is called a female condom because, in fact, it is a thin napkin. This barrier agent is made from nitrile, i.e., synthetic rubber, and is also not degraded. But unlike other condoms, it is proved that they can be washed, dried, re-lubricated and used again. Of course, it takes a lot of time, but with such napkins, you can definitely consider that you treat consumption consciously.
  • Sheep condoms – as the name suggests, these condoms are made from the intestines of sheep. This is the only type of condom that is absolutely biodegradable, but there is still a minus: the pores in them are small enough to prevent the penetration of sperm, but not enough – to block most infections, including HIV.

If the ecological cost of disposable condoms is too high for you, there are other contraceptive options that are significantly more environmentally friendly. It is important to remember that none of these methods protects against STDs.

Sheep condoms

The most environmentally friendly form of barrier-free contraception can be considered an intrauterine device, which is a small device administered by a doctor inside the uterus. It is set for a period of 3 to 10 years, depending on the type and is considered the most effective means of protection from unwanted pregnancy. The second ecological form of control is the diaphragm, a small cup covered with a spermicide, which must be placed in the vagina. The period of its use is two years, but its indicators are not large enough for reliable contraception. In any case, this is better than practising an interrupted sexual intercourse or a calendar method.

Oral contraceptives may seem like the most environmentally friendly option for contraception, but their production continues to cause concern to environmentalists. Estrogenic compounds are not processed and continue to be stored in ordinary water, which creates a threat to the river and marine organisms. Some countries, for example, the UK, are working directly on clearing these compounds, but cleaning systems are not enough at the moment.


The fact that we want to reduce the friction between certain parts of the body does not mean that as a lubricant it is worth using materials, mainly designed for heavy equipment. When choosing a lubricant, avoid artificial fragrances and colouring agents, and also make sure that there is no propylene glycol in the formulation causing hormone changes in animals. In addition, now on sale, there are organic lubricants, which are most often used in everyday life in the form of oils.


Sex Toys

Sex Toys

Most sex toys contain phthalates – a substance used to soften solid plastics like PVC. They negatively affect the human body, causing lung, liver and kidney disease. In many countries, the production of children’s toys of similar materials is prohibited after many children have been diagnosed with hormonal disorders. To avoid such situations, choose toys from glass, metal, medical silicone, hard plastics and other environmentally friendly materials. Instead of batteries, it is better to use special batteries, and after they have served a sufficient period, do not forget to give them for recycling.

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