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How to increase the breast at home?


Do you want to strengthen your chest and make it bigger? The complex of exercises from our experts will help you to find a beautiful and elastic breast without plastic surgery and silicone. The main thing is to train regularly! Advantages – you can study at home, at any time convenient for you.

Masterclass on fitness “Make breasts voluminous and beautiful” from Anna Maslyannikova, instructor of group programs, personal trainer.

How to make the breast elastic and beautiful

Push-ups from the step-platform

Pay attention: you can wring out from any elevation (stools, side of the sofa, low
coffee table, etc.).

Starting position: emphasis on the hill, palms slightly wider than the width of the
shoulders, the brush is on the chest line, the shoulder blades are folded, the
shoulders are straightened, the stomach is pulled up, buttocks are strained. From
the top of the head to the knees should be a straight line (see photo and video

Fall down, touching the breast of the hill, and return to the starting position. Do not
blow your stomach, it remains taut, and do not add a sag in the lower back.

Do it 12-15 times.

We work out the muscles of the chest

For the exercise will need a fitness ring, also any ball.

Starting position: sitting, shoulder blades are brought together, the shoulders are straightened, the chin is raised, the abdominal muscles are strained.

Raise your elbows and divide them to the side, with the ring (or ball) in your hands. In this position, on exhalation, squeeze the ring, on inhalation – relax it.

Do it 20-25 times.

Wiring with dumbbells – hands in the sides

If the house does not have dumbbells, bottles filled with water (volume choose
depending on their physical capabilities) will do.

Starting position: lying on the back, keep the feet in a position convenient for you,
but so that the lumbar region is pressed to the floor. The abdomen is tightened, the
shoulder blades are brought together, the dumbbells are held on the chest line.

From this position, keep your hands softly sideways and return to the centre with an

Do it 16-20 times.

Wiring with dumbbells – hands behind head

Starting position: the same as in the 3rd exercise. But keep the dumbbells together,
the elbows are deployed to the centre.

Elbows slightly bend, from this position, without changing the position of the elbow
joint, put your hands behind your head and with exhalation return back. Watch that
the lumbar section is pressed to the floor.

Do it 20-25 times.

Push-ups sideways

Starting position: one hand on the hill, the other on the floor, the belly is pulled up,
the blades are folded, one leg is bent at the knee, the other is straight-hold it on the
weight (for details, see the photo and video below).

In this position, go down, with an exhalation, go up.

Do 15 repetitions on each side.

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