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How to make an erotic massage that makes your blood boil

erotic massage

Erotic massage: The dimmed light encourages the realization of the frankest desires. And if the night knew how to be embarrassed, it would definitely “blush” from what it saw: sincerity, love, temptation. She also motivated each couple to try something new. For example, erotic massage. And since our friend the darkness is modestly silent, here’s how to make every touch passionate and special.

Hint at the sequel

Before you start driving your soul mate crazy, make her a pleasant surprise – invite her to take a shower or a bath with you. Let her be greeted by a previously thought out romantic atmosphere, and in it – love and your silhouettes, which will become one whole. And even if things go too far, do not let events develop faster than necessary … it will be even more interesting further.

Get creative

Caressing, rubbing, ironing are the main components of an unforgettable massage, and you don’t need any intricate techniques. The secret is simple – to feel and do what you want. However, I still cannot resist some advice. Start from the back, but do not spare meekness – if you want your partner to “melt” in your hands like a scoop of ice cream, involve all your charm and beauty in the process. Next, go to the stomach, arms, and legs and …


Each person has their own How to find the erogenous zones of a woman’s erogenous zones, and they should be given maximum attention. A gentle kiss on the neck, an erotic whisper in the ear, “drawing” imaginary lines on the body is everyone’s secret dream. It’s time to fulfill your desires! If you want to add even more “pepper”, blindfold your loved one and kiss harder. I doubt he will resist.

“Eat” your soul mate!

A special edible massage cream will give not only a sensually erotic massage but a monstrously hot foreplay. Gentle movements combined with hot kisses will stir the imagination of both, and no more power can keep the passionate passion. A “tasty” moment will be an excellent end to the massage, but even more wonderful the beginning of a stormy night!

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