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How to reach orgasm without a partner?

For some couples, sex over the years ceases to be a source of pleasure and emotional stimulation. To harmonize intimate relationships and make them more vivid, sexologists recommend the use of a sex toy. Vendors talked with the head of LoveMachines about what sex paraphernalia, what are the sex machine, where to buy and how to use them to open a new facet of sexuality and diversify intimate life.

Which products do you focus on? 

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Today 90% of products are the sex machines with their attendant accessories. In the remaining 10% includes funds for the care of sex toys and other erotic products. By the way, their product is powder is Powder Sex Toys to care for sex toys is quite popular and is found on the shelves of all USA sex shops who care about the comfort of its buyers. In mid-2010 years, implementing the brand dildos Doc Johnson and Fleshlight masturbators brand, Vendors are faced with a lack of tools for processing silicone, which is made of these toys. Abroad the prices were mad, so it was decided to start production of powder in the USA. In early 2015, the product went on sale. Later, some domestic companies have tried to copy their sex dust, but Vendors are pleased that customers continue to prefer their product because of the convenient lid-sieve and good volume.

What is the sex machine?

Sex machine is a sex toy premium, which is an Electromechanical device that allows you to make up for the lack of a sexual partner and to diversify intimate life. Vendors conducted a confidential survey among their buyers on the subject of how to change the quality of their sexual life after buying a sex machine. It turned out that 80% of women to buy sex machines had problems with achieving orgasm. After you purchase even inexpensive models sex-machine situation with orgasm, and therefore, hormonal, mood and quality of life came back to normal.

Who needs a sex machine?

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The popularity of the sex machines is that they do not need to hold hands and become distracted while using the switching or selection of the entry angle. Sex machine is adjusted to any convenient angle and is at a touch of a button on the remote control. Sex machine allows diversifying the sexual life. For example, many couples want to try a Threesome, but to put to bed a stranger it’s very difficult. Sex machine depending on the installed nozzle may become the third partner in sex a girl or a man. Also, the machine will suit those people who have no permanent partner who wants to extreme sports and those who can not achieve orgasm.

Are they noisy?

Any sex machine has a certain level of noise because it has a motor and moving parts. But this is an acceptable level of noise that never distracts the user from the main process – enjoyment. Silent are just sex-machines “Monkey” and “Love Rider” because they have no motor.

What is the duration of one session of work with the machine?

There are no restrictions in this respect, how much you want to have fun – so much is permissible to do. From a technical point of view, the recommended time for the continuous operation of a sex machine at the maximum speed should be no more than 40-50 minutes. With a longer use of the sex machine, short breaks of 15-20 minutes are desirable, so that the electric motor can cool down. Powerful sex machines such as “Caesar”, “Casanova” and “Maestro” can work without interruption for up to 6 hours, but the speed should not be the maximum.

Which sex machines are most popular?

sex machines

The most popular in the USA is the Slider line, a portable sex machine, the Strelok, Caesar, Casanova, Maestro, Robo Fuk sex machines and the noiseless Monkey.

Do you deliver products to other cities in the USA? How do I receive the goods and pay?

Yes, Vendors produce delivery, not only all over the USA but all over the world. Vendors have regular customers from Germany and the Baltics, a wholesaler from Israel, customers in Thailand, China and some CIS republics. According to Vendors regions, Vendors ship goods by the various post, couriers, express services and transport companies. Payment for Vendors goods is possible with bank cards and cash upon receipt of the parcel, as well as transfer through the bank.

Is there a guarantee for sex machines?

All sex machines Vendors sell are warranted for a period of 12 months. Vendors may have their own service centre for repairing sex machines, which is not only serves to their customers but also makes paid repairs for products purchased in other sex shops or even abroad. During the warranty period, repair and forwarding of goods across the USA for their customers are absolutely free.

What other sex products are popular with clients?

sex products

In addition to sex machines, every second customer purchases attachments-dildos, taking into account their wishes: size, colour, shape, the presence of vibration, the effect of ejaculation. In addition, various adapters-adapters are very popular, with the help of which almost any sex toy can be installed on a sex machine, including from a client’s home already available. Lubricants are very popular – intimate lubricants. Vendors offer their customers a wide range of lubricants: from inexpensive Splashglide to premium System JO, including lubricants with the effect of excitation, prolongation of sexual intercourse and increased slip, and today’s hit-trend is a lubricant that simulates male sperm.

What do you think about the modern sex market? How much has the situation changed since the sale of the first sex toys?

I have a huge number of ideas that no one has implemented in the sex industry of the country. I hope that over time, Vendors sells these ideas independently or in partnership with someone in the USA.

If compared with what was in the early 90’s, the progress has been enormous. Fortunately, Vendors does not already have yellow-orange dildos from rough rubber, although I still see such sex shops in foreign countries. Many modern USA sex shops look very worthy both in terms of assortment and in terms of the design of trading rooms and ongoing work to promote goods in the media and the Internet. The client today is much more sophisticated than 10 years ago. People are actively engaged in self-education and come to us not only with ideas about the desired sex toy but also with knowledge of various aspects of intimate life. They openly talk about their problems with sex, which helps the specialist to better understand the problem and as accurately as possible to choose the product that suits the client best.

Who is more among your clients, men or women?

If Vendors talk about the statistics of buyers of sex machines, the ratio of men and women is approximately 70:30. This is not surprising since the man is an earner, he mainly manages the family’s financial reserves and the decision to buy a sex machine is often accepted by him too. In addition, a sex machine in a package can weigh 8 and 20 kilograms. A rare woman is ready to carry such a load with gentle hands.

What do you think?

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