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How to spice up classic sexual positions?

sexual positions

Sexual positions: When the last time you tried something new in sex? Original and seductive poses there are so many, but nevertheless, the attention of most women and men does not go beyond three or five standard positions. Of course, if you get the maximum pleasure in the missionary position, we do not expect to dissuade you of its charms but imagine that there’s something else that you have not tried, but today you can surprise your partner and enjoy the most. We have selected for you some great and easy to meet sexy poses that will help to look anew at familiar your sex routine.

1. New missionary

New missionary

All you need is to lie down comfortably on your back and throw your legs to the partner on the shoulders. Thus, you can control the angle of penetration that will allow you to decide where you pleased, and where unacceptably deep. In turn, your partner, managing the process of penetration, will be able to feel in complete control of you, and all will be satisfied. This pose can be used for both vaginal and anal sex, especially if you are taking the first steps. If you do not end up satisfied with the penis size of your partner, then this pose is perfect for maximum enjoyment using your talents.

2. Butterfly


If you’re a fan of the pose of a rider, here’s how you can spice up your sex. Let your partner remains lie on your back, and you be on top, but with her back to him. This pose is great for those who genuinely enjoy reviewing your partner’s body. Your buttocks will not only in his field of vision but reach for the touch and stimulation. Penetration in this position can be problematic, so you and your partner will need a bit of flexibility, but the feeling is worth it, as the head of the penis will be in contact with the lower wall of the vagina, which is more pleasant for you and the partner. In addition, you can be part of the picture, caressing each other feet and toes.

3. Letter L

Letter L

Let your partner lie on your side, and you annexe to it, forming the letter L. You can lay on your back so your Breasts get the most attention, or can deploy his corps to increase the pressure of the vaginal area. This pose is very original and is sure to add passion to your sex act. It takes for your partner to look you in the eye, and madness provided.

4. Flirty rider

Flirty rider

The image of a Flirty, playful partner sitting on my lap, very easy to implement if you have a comfortable armchair or a chair. Let your partner sit down and you sit on it, but not as much as usual — back or face towards him, but sideways, like you’re not going to have sex, and just ride the bus naked.

5. Scissors


This pose looks exactly as called. Your partner and you form the scissors of his legs, the top can be both he and you. In this position, you will feel the necessary pressure on the vagina, which undoubtedly will contribute to the fun, exciting and unusual posture — a kind of bonus. Moreover, in this position involved not only the vagina, but other important points of your body due to the friction of the feet of the partner.

6. The Gates of Heaven

Gates of Heaven

For those who love sophisticated and not worry about comfort, posture “gate to Heaven”, comes in handy. Let your partner lie on her back, and you sit down on top, leaning on straight arms, lean your head back. Thus, you should be sandwiched between the legs of a partner, facing him. In this position, you will provide direct stimulation of the G-spot, and if your partner pays attention to you, it is possible to use the clitoris. Since his hands are free, you can ask to caress your hips or use any additional toys. This posture, of course, requires mobility and some stretch marks, but its originality will add fire to your night.

7. Do not forget the accessories

Do not forget the accessories

In sex with the same partner, there is an undeniable plus — you trust each other and willing to experiment. With the right kind of paraphernalia you a new look at the simplest and most familiar poses.

Beautiful lingerie or erotic role-playing costume is half the foreplay, so don’t be shy to add to the usual closet bodysuit Teddy Monokini and other exciting accessories.

Miniature flexible vibrating massager will increase your stimulation, leaving room for a partner. Multifunctional vibrator with three nozzles can be used for different body parts: the head of the penis, breast, clitoral area or g-spot.

To explore the boundaries of sensuality will help easy home BDSM. Do not have to start with something extreme, even painless bondage with the gag and eye mask at times reinforce your feelings.

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