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How women are condemned for their sexuality


There is no right or wrong way for how to show themselves in bed. There is not a certain number of partners that every person should have in life. There are no right or wrong kinds of sex. But for some reason, the society teaches women completely the opposite. Girls get comments about their “wrong” sexuality even earlier than they start having sex. You constantly run the risk of hearing criticism of the appearance, your own smell or even the taste of your genitals, and also your power of sexual attraction. Here are some popular methods that women are constantly ashamed of for their sexuality.

1. Cosmetics for the vagina

The beauty industry has reached the appearance of the vagina and now offers special napkins, intimate cleansers, deodorants and even vaginal glitter. These products do not really need to maintain health and only emphasize that the natural smell of this part of the body is not needed – for the sake of the overall picture, not the pleasure of a woman. Your partner should appreciate your body in its natural state or be responsible for your special preferences. In any case, do not be ashamed of what your smell is called somehow rude.

2. Unrealistic porn

Popular porn creates the impression that a woman should have tiny labia, she should be loud and get an orgasm from penetration. If you do not match – that is, if you are the same as the majority – you feel abnormal. There is nothing wrong with pornstars, but it’s a pity that not those who present a realistic picture of how different the women and their pleasure can be are becoming popular.

3. Myths about vibrators

False studies of sexologists say that vibrators will interfere with your personal happiness and create a threat to your relationship. In our publishing house constantly send articles and columns with the titles “What’s better: a man or a vibrator”, in which they describe the horrors of women’s attachment to sexual accessories. That’s just these assumptions have nothing to do with reality, and masturbation cannot harm sexual life with a partner, and even more likely – it will improve.

4. Articles “In which poses do you achieve orgasm more easily”

The Internet is just full of articles with tips that “guarantee” getting an orgasm. In fact, there is no such kind of sex that will help most women to have fun. According to statistics, only a quarter of women get an orgasm during penetration, and many respondents simply forget to clarify that they received additional stimulation. Reading such articles makes women feel that something is wrong with them if they do not get even “guaranteed” pleasure.

5. Overestimation of virginity

Women are more likely to define virginity than to men if they have not had sexual intercourse. The presence of a small physiological film is unjustifiably overestimated and promotes the spread of the opinion that the whole significance of a woman lies in her sexuality or innocence. This makes women feel ashamed for wanting sex, because once they step in, they will turn out to be “less quality goods”. Virginity is just a concept, and everyone defines it for themselves and should not lose its significance only from its deprivation.

6. Gender Roles

Imaginary experts using “science” to prove that women from Venus, and men from Mars, condemn women who dare to show their confidence. When people say that a particular gender is programmed to be dominant or subordinate, they imply that roles cannot change. Any man who has decided to show tenderness is abnormal, as well as a woman who takes what takes place under her control. This concept implies that we must be unchanged throughout life – boredom is complete.

7. The stereotype that women are complex creatures

Another strange idea is that the male brain is made easier, and women can not understand absolutely, covers all areas of our lives, including sexual. We are taught that when a man suffices a little stimulation of the genitals, a woman requires a suitable mood and incredible sexual skills. Female orgasm seems such an illusory and elusive thing that the fact that 95% can easily get the orgasm from masturbation is ignored. Apparently, it is easier for men not to make any attempts to achieve pleasure in a pair, than to spend a certain amount of time on it. The society makes us ashamed of virtually every aspect of sexuality, but having a full sexual life and being able to be oneself is an important part of a woman’s emotional health.

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