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Joint survival: 5 tips for those who move in with a guy


A dog is in the house – it is convenient. It can kill cockroaches, get cobwebs from the ceiling, to lift a 20-litre bottle of water on the seventh floor. If you plan to find yourself in the apartment such or herself to move in with him, be ready to learn about yourself and your boyfriend a lot. Here are some tips that will help you to move in with partner and not to spoil relations.

Start with a trial period

Start with a trial period

The biggest misconception is to think that you know the person, although you have not yet lived together. Often people are too obsessed with the idea of a shared life and don’t think that can be not ready for it. You spend the night each other every weekend, spend together all evening — whether it is family life? No, that’s not it. Between “often see” and “see each other constantly,” the difference is not smaller than that between the first date and the 30-year anniversary.

Start with a test drive. Do not rush to carry things, and spend together a couple weeks without a break – on someone’s territory or during the journey. Try to be natural, and to talk openly about their needs. When you’ve transported the bags to his apartment, retreat seems silly. The test drive will help you understand it time for you to move to the next stage, and not burdened with unnecessary obligations.

Divide territory

When you spend a lot of time with someone, the smallest things become the reason for the dispute. If you do not have got a private mansion five rooms, and live in an ordinary lorry, be ready to win your partner every square meter.

Discuss practical solutions for comfortable storage. Whether he is ready to give you a great deal of wardrobe whether you need additional drawers and shelves, is it worth it to rent a separate apartment to fit all of your shoes? The more problems you will discuss in advance, the calmer will be moving.

Discuss your habits

Discuss your habits

Everyone has a list of life’s little rules. They do not realize, yet on your site does not appear on an offender. I find it difficult to understand how you can come out from behind the table and not clean up after themselves. My boyfriend, who always lived with his mother, believed that the crumbs after eating voluntarily go in the trash. It took a while to explain to him that miracles don’t exist, like maids in our apartment.

Make a General list of house rules and write it on a piece of paper. The idea seems a bit childish, but it really can lighten your existence at first. Who creates little mess or inconvenience to spite the neighbour, because the habit is an unconscious thing. To change or correct, it needs the constant reminder. Better if it will be in the form of rules on paper than in your irritable hiss.

Create a budget for living expenses

Life together does not necessarily imply the merger of the budgets. Everyone has the right to decide how to spend the money, but now you have a General obligation in the form of rent, food, and other household things. Create a Fund for aggregate expenses and create a monthly or weekly budget. Do not have to divide all expenses in half. There is nothing wrong if a man earns more and can afford himself to pay the rent. However, this does not negate joint planning. Although technically you’re not family, you will have to face major financial problems in a relationship.

Make sure you each have personal space

Make sure each of you has a private space

Understand the importance of personal space, I helped the life with the guy in the Studio apartment. All we had was one room, not counting bathrooms. When you have nowhere even to talk on the phone, cohabitation ceases to have any hope of romance. After a quarrel the tension in the apartment and threatened with power outages. Not always have the opportunity at the critical moment to run out in the night and walk down the street. Even a tiny kitchen will seem a good refuge from such dramas.

Think twice before you decide to experiment with the Studio. Give each other the right to personal space, even if minimal. Spend time separately. When you are just Dating and living together, freedom in relations is especially important.

If some of you were not ready for a life together, this does not mean the rupture of relations. Maybe you need a little more time. The main advice for anyone considering to move in with a guy, don’t rush. There are a lot of ways to bother each other.

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